of these articles is occupied with the means of transport taxi. Further an article exists over the film of the same name taxi of Luc Besson.
water taxi in Auckland (New Zealand)

a taxi (pl. the taxis) is an individual traffic means steered by an occupation motorist toTransportation of human beings against payment. Colloquially regionally also the designation the tax exists (pl. the taxes).

Conceptually by taxis passenger cars (passenger car) are usually understood, in compositions also different means of transport. If region sedans (Vans) or minibuses (taxi penalty) are used as taxis, one speaks alsoof region taxis or call collecting taxis. Usually persons are carried, exception are goods taxis.

A radio taxi is a taxi, which can be ordered by telephone or by other communication ways by the customer and which is beordert by a taxi center over radio for the starting point of the journey.

Collecting taxi has a point of origin specified by the offerer and a terminator point specified by the user, for example from the airport to the residence of the passengers.

However a call collecting taxi (BRANCH) is a variant, which is to relieve the public local passenger traffic (ÖPNV). Usually a BRANCH must about 30 minutes (region dependent) forwardsdesired departure to be ordered by telephone, which accepts then the passengers at a critical point of the ÖPNV. The sense BRANCH consists carrying of it as much as possible passengers gleichzeitg from a point economical and co-operate closely with the local ÖPNV around itself mutually to support. BRANCHa transport with the ÖPNV does not drive is possible only in the time into. With companies and associations we BRANCH during the rest breaks of the ÖPNV there it region taxis are usually selected often however to a clearly more favorable tariff carry thana usual taxi in the common sense.

A water taxi is a boat, which serves the public local passenger traffic in cities with water routes, as taxi above all channels. Water taxis are world-wide common, like that in Basel, Venice and New York. Some water taxis operate after timetables.

An air taxi is an airplane, which carries passengers partially against firm payment into often remote areas. Particularly as feeders to islands airplanes or water airplanes are used. See for this: Maldivian air taxi.

A woman taxi is a taxi, it in many GermanCities gives and women in the darkness surely home to preferably bring is. Beside the woman taxis there are still numerous other special forms, like nonsmoker taxis, office taxis (with laptop and telephone) and even bicycle driver taxis, which are equipped with a bicycle owner at the tail or on the roof.

Beside the genuine taxis described here exist still numerous vehicles, which do not have to do anything with the transportation of human beings. As example here the Pizza taxi is mentioned. Some entrepreneurs use the expression taxi, even if they want to put out that with this vehicle a fast supply upAcclamation/call takes place.

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Das Taxameter, hier ein weit verbreitetes älteres Modell der Firma Hale
Taxameter, here a wide-spread older model of the company resounds

the term „to taxi “comes from the Taxameter used in the Droschke for Preisbestimmung (lat., about fee measurer, frz. taximètre, colloquially also as taxi clock designates; also Fahrpreisanzeiger). The abbreviation for this measuring instrument went in the first half 20. Century on the Droschke/Kraftdroschke themselves over. Nothing to do has the term with the name of the prince family Thurnand taxis and also not with the Greek word „taxidi “(journey), even if it is apparently obvious.

Not to equate with taxis rented cars (PBefG) are, and/or. Radio rented car with driver with those - differently than with the taxi - only the put back distance and notalso waiting period for the price of transportation computation is consulted. These have also over no Taxameter, but a Wegstreckenmesser or also - indicators, from which while driving only the put back distance and not the current price of transportation can be read off.

situation in Germany

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Usual equipment

  • Taxameter
  • roof sign with the label „TAXI “, transverse to the driving direction attached and from the inside lights up (also called “bird” or “torch/flare”)
  • ordinal number in the back window right down (both from the outside and from the inside readably)
  • name and address of the entrepreneur in the interior
  • tariff stickerthe valid taxi tariff of the municipality (not everywhere, however z. B in Berlin and Munich)
  • radio (2-Meter-Frequenzbereich)
  • child seat (e) (no equipment regulation!)
  • Alarm system (prescribed), if necessary further safety devices for the driver
  • often special interior lighting, floor mats, linings, and so on often coated
  • seats map readers for payment by transfer
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Legal regulations

Das Taxischild in klassischer Form
the Taxischild in classical form

the legal basis for taxi traffic in Germany is the transportation of human beings law (PBefG) and the regulation issued in addition over the enterprise of force driving enterprises in the passenger traffic (BOKraft). The PBefG essentially regulates the duty to obtain a permit and the licensing procedure. In §47 PBefG the term is defined „taxi “. Taxi traffic is a form of opportunity traffic (§ 46 PBefG). Due to the legal regulation of the PBefG the municipalities for its territory (obligation driving area) know appropriate transport conditions and transport-repay (taxi order) to specify, those the existing legal regulations to usually concretize orbeyond these go (§§ 39 and 51 PBefG). The taxi tariff approved by the municipalities applies only within the obligation driving area. A change of the taxi tariff is placed as a rule by a request by representatives of the taxi trade and submitted at the responsible authority to permission.

Since 1971 hadin Germany taxi the color light ivory (color ral number 1015) have. With general decree of the heads of the provincial government of 17.11.2005 on recommendation of the Upper House of Parliament from this color regulation one moved away. Since that time the taxi entrepreneurs can select the color in many governmental districts freely. Thus one sees also silver in many cities andblack or multi color taxis. All taxis must be marked by a yellow sign by the label TAXI transverse to the driving direction on the roof. The Taxischild must be lit, if the taxi is ready for the admission of passengers. After an accumulation of acts of violence against Taxifahrerand the Federal Ministry of Transport under transport minister George liver (SPD) issued to an increase of taxi driver murders to 6.1.1966 the partition regulation in such a way specified. 1967 came into force these and all taxis had up to 1.1.1968 with a ball-safe partition, which was in the top from bullet-proof glass, to be equipped. ThoseDe luxe model was electrically concealable. From this time by the way also the regulation originates that taxis must have an alarm installation (see below). However both the driver area, and the passenger compartment were limited by the bullet-proof glass disk spatially very much. Large drivers did not know their seats far enough to the rearpush and particularly in the summer were often intolerable the climatic conditions. In addition communication between drivers and passenger suffered from the friction disk. For this reason the Taxifahrer weighted violently. 1969 were therefore waived the friction disk regulation again. Some vehicles were up to then stillnot reequipped. All other enterprises built the constructions expensive up to 2.000, for 00 DM quite fast, since their high weight entailed besides also still another increased fuel consumption.

The regulations for bicycle taxis on Cuba are less strictly


depending uponTariff (tax) gives it service impacts; so can the price of transportation can for example increase through:

  • Night, sunning and holiday impacts
  • of region impacts (addition for fifth and each further passenger)
  • luggage transport
  • luggage up to the housing door carry
  • courier services
  • pilot travels
  • Kfz starting
  • livestock transport
  • when desired waiting periods the passenger(for example stop at the pharmacy, bank/ATM machine, etc.)

in Germany a taxi may carry maximally nine persons (including drivers). More permits neither the transportation of human beings light nor the passenger car driving licence class B.

The price of transportation is determined within the obligation driving area (see below) with the Taxameter, outside of the obligation driving area is it freely negotiatable.

field of work

within the obligation driving area specified by the respective municipality exists transport obligation, D. h. the Taxifahrer of a free taxi held ready at the taxi stopping point may not reject a travel arbitrarily, approximately due to the person of the customer, the length of the distance covered orthe goal. To travels, whose beginning or a goal lies outside of the obligation driving area, that does not apply. The Taxifahrer may reject however the transport in each case, if the working reliability is endangered. Reasons for this know a substantial Alkoholisierung of the passenger, contamination, armament (z. B. loaded firearm),more largely or not fishing inter dog, aggressiveness or a sticking on illness of the passenger its. Regionally still characteristics can be embodied (z. B. in Berlin the solvency of the passenger).

Taxi place

taxi are available at particularly stopping points intended for it, taxi conditions so mentioned, in order to wait for passengers. Taximay not wait without order at other places for customers (tolerated exceptions to place the exits of large meetings or liked to meeting places such as discotheques). This applies only within the own permission range (taking up outside of this area is considered however as often committed harmless crime - often also in the interest ofthe passenger). They can however at each place, at which customers with Handzeichen wish a transport, these take up.

With the admission and door of the passenger it is even gestzlich permitted to the taxes in many cities on the roadway, with consideration of rear traffic, to continue over thatTo be able to take up passenger over the shortest footpath.

The Taxifahrer is obligated to select without being asked the shortest travel distance if the customer does not specify the distance. The use of the Taxameters is prescribed within the obligation driving area. Within the obligation driving area is the value added tax (transportation of human beings within the operating seat municipality): 7Per cent, outside of the operating seat municipality to 50 km: 7 per cent, 16 per cent with prices of transportation over 100 euro, during travels over 50 km over the operating seat, provision travels, starting and other special services outside of the transportation of human beings apply for 16% enclosed in the indicated price of transportation. The value added tax is to be proven separately. For travelsoutside of the obligation driving area this regulation does not apply; Drivers and passenger must agree then before departure on the price of transportation, on which outside of the obligation driving area a VAT rate is always raised from 16 per cent. Travels abroad are permissible, however the passenger no value added tax may starting from thatBorder crossing to be computed.


for leading a taxi is in Germany a driving licence for passenger transport (also transportation of human beings light for taxi, ugs. P-light, taxi light) necessarily, which is given by the traffic authority. But to prove are two years driving experience and local knowledge (local customer examination). Further becomesa certificate of good conduct and an excerpt from the point account of the force travel federal office in Flensburg as well as a fitness investigation after the plant 5 of the driving licence regulation require. If necessary. it is with acceptance of passengers over radio and in certain cases also as Grundvorraussetzung that the driver possesses a radio license, inone gives to the rule as well as the acquisition of the transportation of human beings light after briefing and examination. Condition is however that that 21. Lebensjahr was completed. The legal regulation for this is § 48 of the driving licence regulation (FeV).

numbers and facts

in Germany are about 80,000 taxiscertified. Of it 80% one of the 500 taxi centers are attached.

technical facilities

over in Germany a permission as taxi too received, a vehicle must fulfill after BOKraft determined technical facilities:

  • The vehicle must have at least two axles and four wheels.
  • The vehiclemust on the right long side at least two doors have.
  • In the context of the permissible total weight still at least 50 kg luggage must to be carried be able in the case of full occupation.
  • The vehicle must have an alarm installation, which can be served from the driver place.

situation inAustria

the exhibition of the taxi steering wheel document of identification as well as the taxi-cab operation order is national thing. Therefore there is to 9 factory regulations as well as 1 federal factory regulations, valid at present BO 1994. The exhibition of the taxi steering wheel document of identification can take place only if:

  • the guidance authorization class B is present and the Probezeit past already is, as well as a one year's driving experienceis present.
  • the trustworthiness is present (no previous convictions, no suspensions of driver's licence), 5 years retroactively.
  • a minimum age of 21 years is present.
  • the taxi steering wheel examination with the chamber of economics put down is.
  • an at least six-hour Erste-Hilfe-Kurs completed is, according to FSG 1996.
  • a local customer examination is taken (for the district).

The equipment thatVehicles is similar in Germany.

The tariffs are fixed from the national captain and apply to the entire district. In these a Taxameter must be used (prescribed in cities over 50.000 inhabitants). Outside the entrepreneurs can select their tariff, and no Taxameter are prescribed.

situation in other countries

shrub taxi in Cameroon
Longtail - water taxi before Koh Phangan (Thailand)

in many countries one should negotiate the price before departure, since it can come otherwise to bad surprises.

In far parts of Africa and Asia minibuses are usual,in Asia further rikshas, engine or autorikshas, as well as motorcycle taxis. In Indonesia the Bemo is typical means of transport. In England taxis under the names Cab or London taxi are well-known. Admits is also the enormous taxi fleet of New York - a road scene inManhattan without one over 12.000 Yellow the Cabs is almost inconceivable. In Turkey usually a minibus operates in the entire country of the Dolmusch, with which one can achieve also the rear angle of the country.

There are also different prices in many countries, there itno uniform measuring of the Taxameter by a weights and measures office or a similar institution gives. In France for example two taxis, which drive the same distance one behind the other from A to B, can have completely unterscheidliche prices.

black taxi

black taxi drive contrary to the licensed taxis withoutofficial permission and often without registration of a trade (no fiscal participation of the state in the incomes). Above all abroad exists for the passengers of such black taxis and. And. a increased accident risk, and it become again and again from encroachments of the driver (z. B. Rape) and fraud reports,since control and Nachverfolgung are heavier than with registered taxis.


famous one (former) Taxifahrer

taxi and Taxifahrer in literature and film

Hans Fallada set with the novel „the ironGustav “from the year 1938 the famous citizen of Berlin of Droschkenkut Gustav Hartmann a monument.

Senta Berger plays Second Channel of German Television in that - TV serial the fast Gerdi a Taxifahrerin.

There are some films, which treat the taxi driving in particular. Already 1932 played James Cagney a Taxifahrer in taxi!. Night on Earth is an episode film, which reports from five different cities (Los Angeles , New York , Paris , Rome and Helsinki) at the same time and describes the most different situations from the occupation everyday life of Taxifahrern. In taxi there are rapid pursuitsby Marseille, and into the fifth element Bruce Willis steers its flight vehicle by a futuristic Megalopolis with roads in all directions, also perpendicularly. (This motive is again in the Germans SF Persiflage(T) to spaceship Surprise - period 1 “). The taxis Driver of Martin Scorsese goes the violent way of the loner, who leads a missionary crusade against dirt and Dekadenz in the large city. In Collateral a taxi is rented including driver by an occupation killer and transports this to several murders.


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