Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent (* 13. December 1948), also admits town center Madman” as the Nuge and “the engine, is an US-American rock musician and guitarist, who originate from the autometropolis Detroit. (Therefore also one of its pointed names agitates, “engine town center Madman”. One its Songs carries the title “engine town center Madhouse”.) Until today Nugent sold over 35 million albums.

Ted plays since its 8. Lebensjahr guitar. With 5 years it learned elbow to shoot. Nugent is an expressed family human being, a avowed and active opponent of any benefit and Rauschmittel/drugs and a friend of the hunt haven.

Admits became Nugent as a member of the Amboy Dukes, which had 1968 the psychedelischen hit Journey ton the centers OF the Mind. Allegedly Nugent did not know that it concerned in the piece drugs.

Nugent created it into the Viet Nam war to be called up by doing before its examination without any hygiene and nourishing themselves only of Fastfood and Cola.

1975 began Nugent a successful solo career, which stagnated into the 1980ern however. Toward end of the decade he took part in the group of Damn Yankees, which sold between 1990 and 1993 five million albums.

With the album mirror-image-guessed/advised OF the game took its solo career to Nugent. Besides it worked as moderator in radio and television. It created itself the call of an outdoor and a hunt expert with permanent medium operational readiness level. 2004 it hurt itself in its TV-Überlebensshow with a chain saw and had to be sewn with 44 passes.

Nugent is speaker of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (D.A.R.E.) and in the executive committee that national splines Association (NRA) in which it for the following ideas makes itself strong (quotation):

  • “Before you someone raped, blow it the brain raus”.
  • “The largest for an American is the right to carry a weapon. ”

It operates a outdoor Feriencamp for young people. Besides Ted Nugent publisher of an outdoor magazine is and writes regularly for some magazines. 2000 it published the best-seller God, Guns and skirt “n” roll.

Ted Nugents mark drawing is a guitar mark Gibson Byrdland.

In the 70's he organized legendary Guitar Battles, among other things with franc Marino (Mahogany Rush).

After first volume, which were beeinflust of the British Bluesrock A la Rolling Stones, it created 1965 the first Inkarnation of the Amboy Dukes. The volume had partly up to 6 members (bass, Drums, key board, singing), the LINE UP changes up to the end for that volume again and again. Beside Ted “The Nuge” Nugent had the Amboy Dukes in Steve Farmer a second guitarist, who was responsible for most compositions in the initial phase also.

1968 had the Amboy Dukes a psychedelischen hit with “Journey ton the centers OF the Mind”.


1967 The Amboy Dukes

1968 Journey ton the centers OF the Mind

1969 migration

the music first bluesbeeinfluster hard skirt, similarly as the music of the MC5, is partial with psychedelischen influences.

In former times a classical author on the debut album is the Song “baby Please Don't Go” of bends Joe Williams, again which Nugent takes up later for its solo live album (1978).

Nugent becomes the dominating figure of the Amboy Dukes, the name that volume changes then also in Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes.

1970 Marriage on the of skirt

1971 the live brought in album Survival OF The fit test, which contains up to a title excluding new Songs, appears. On page 2 the LP is only one piece, the 20minütige Prodigal one. Ted is now exclusive guitarist. The music is still hardrockig, however the psychedelischen and bluesrockigen influences disappeared nearly completely.

Keyboarder Andy Solomon leaves the Dukes, Nugent as a last original member arranges with bassist Rob Grange and Schlagzeuger Vic Mastrianni a new occupation under the name Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, in which however Nugent indicates clearly the clay/tone.

1973 call OF The game

beside the typical Hardrocksongs contain the LP contain a Coverversion of Chuck Berry's “Maybelline” and on page 2 a short Slowblues named “red of glow”. The largest surprise is however that good 7minütige, balladeske, atmospheric “Below The Belt”, on which even a flute is used and which of the psychedelischen start times of the Amby Dukes remind.

1974 Tooth, catch & Claw

outstanding TRACKs are the 10minütige instrument valley “Hibernation”, a prime example for Nugents guitar art and “The Great White Buffalo”. In the text in addition Nugent deplores the extermination of the buffalos by the white ones, which took thereby their base of life to the Indians.

Both album show despite occasional weak one in the Songmaterial, which expects the listener on the following albums.

1975 start Ted Nugent its solo career.

Rob Grange is further also on board, Derek pc. Cross-beam (singing, guitar) and Cliff Davies at the Schlagzeug complete the Begleitband, which remains stable until 1978.

1975 Ted Nugent

1976 Free For universe

1977 Cat Scratch Fever

1978 doubles live Gonzo

that are the albums of the classical phase of Ted Nugent. Stranglehold of 1975 might be each hardskirt-interested a term.

After bind-internal Zwist Derek leaves pc. Cross-beam vorrübergehend Ted Nugent. Thus, unknown quantity singer keeps the chance younger to prove a its being able on Free For universe as singers. It becomes later admits under the name Meat Loaf.

1976 have Nugent 45 minütigem appearance in a small Cologne TV studio. The concert is sent in the context of the row skirt palace.

Particularly on the 78er live double album is outstanding documented almost Kraft and Spielfreude. Many Songs, which one knows from the Studioalben, unfold additional energy in the live versions. “Engine town center Madhouse”, in the original a 4-Minüter, becomes a true 10minütigen Orgie. “Stranglehold” and “Stormtroopin” are further gloss lights. “Hibernation” becomes a 16minütigen impressionful presentation, as impressively and skillfully guitar feedback can be used.

From 1978 to 1986 these albums appear:

Weekend Warriors

State OF shock

Scream Dream

Intensities in 10 Cities (live)



Little measure Dangerous

If You Can't Lick 'em…. Lick 'Em

Nugent is artistically now on the descending branch. The music does not only become ever more grottiger, also the Covergestaltung. By the use of sticky sounding key boards Ted Nugent loses its musical identity.

1989 follow Ted Nugent the Damn Yankees. Music between commerce Metal and Bon Jovi. Commercially quite successfully, artistically rather on the average.

1995 effected then the return as a solo artist, it publish call OF The game

1997 and 2001 follow two live albums.

Live RK Hammersmith (1997) contains old photographs of 1979, which its former label brings out on the occasion of its “Wiedergeburt”. These photographs are completely good, but who has double live Gonzo, this album does not need.

On fill Bluntal Nugity (2001) documents Nugent in Triobesetzung his old strength. It performed even a Song (Fred Bear) alone to acoustic guitar.

Craveman of 2002 is its for the time being last musical sign of life. On this album Ted Nugent in some Songs processes text and in music the influences of the Nu Metal.

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