Blick auf die Hauptstadt Teheran am Fuße des Elburs.
view of the capital Teheran at the foot of the Elburs.
Satellite photograph of Teheran

Teheran (Persian: تهران (Tehrān) /teɦˈrɔːn/) is the capital of Iran and the province of the same name. According to official data 7.092.185 humans in that liveactual city and 11.931.656 in the province Teheran (conditions in each case 1. July 2004). The city lies south the Elburs mountains and the Kaspi sea in the Iranian high country, which has an average height of 1200 m over NN. It accommodates that Golestanpalast, approx. 10 Universities of, several museums, many mosques, multistoried buildings and is the industrie and commercial centre of Iran.

Teheran possesses two airports. Mehrabad is at present the main airport of the city and is in the west Teherans. Since 2005 is also that30 kilometers airport Imam Khomeini lain south internationally air haven in enterprise. Teheran possesses an underground , with three lines, since 2005 which the traffic conditions are to relieve. The Teheraner underground is not complete however yet and is extended.

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the name Teheran leads itself probably from the old-Persian teh ran, which in approximately „warm place means “, off.

Teherans Skyline zeigt eine Mischung von alten und neuen Architekturstilen.
Teherans Skyline shows a mixtureof old and new architectural styles.

The first historical mention of an insignificant settlement named Teheran can be dated on the year 942. The settlement with Obstgärten was convenient in the proximity of the seldschukischen Residenzstadt Ray. Despite the Umwallung under the SafawidenTeheran did not come beyond the stage of a provincial town.

Milad Tower in Teheran
old town-gate of Teheran

the this changed suddenly with conquest by Aga Mohammed Khan, the founder of the Kadscharendynastie in the year 1795, the Teheranthe Persian capital made. Around the year 1800 one counted about 15,000 inhabitants.

That Kadscharenherr Nasireddin Schah increased the original city during its reign around the fivefold and put on a Stadtmauer. In the year 1900 one counted about 250,000 inhabitants.Thus Teheran to the largest city of Persia, due also to the strong centralization of the country. Under the Pahlavi the city was again increased, a motorway was built across the city and the old Kadscharenansiedlungen was gradened.

The conference of war was important by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in the time of 28. November to 1. December 1943.

In the year 1976 one counted already 4.5 million inhabitant. 1979 came it in the context of the Islamic revolution into Teheran to unrests, into their processalso the message of the USA was occupied (taking of hostages of Teheran). The Schah left 17 at the today's place. Schahrivar approx. 4000 demonstrating Iranians murder.

To 21. October 1996 counted Teheran during the census of 6.758.845 inhabitants. At the 1. July 2004 lived Iran 7.092.185 humans in the capital according to an official estimation of the statistic center.

After that heavy earthquake in Bam 2004 about a misalignment of the seat of the government of Teheran into a less earthquake-endangered region one thought for the first time. However decidedto make earthquake-proof one the city by regulations, instead of shifting it.

objects of interest

in Teheran are numerous objects of interest. Most originate from the Kadscharenzeit, under it the Golestanpalast (until 1979 seat of the Schahs) with the Pfauenthronand the Schah mosque.

One of the most well-known more modern objects of interest Teherans is the 45 m high liberty tower (Iranian: Azadi), which was established 1971 from cause of the 2500-Jahrfeier of the Iranian monarchy out over 25.000 white stones broken in Esfahan. With an elevator arrivesone to a prospect outlook on the tower, which offers a wonderful view over the city. Usually also the mountains of the Elbrusgebirges covered by snow are to be recognized here. Today the tower is considered as landmark of the modern Teheran.

Basar in Teheran
Bazaar in Teheran

as the further object of interest applies the bazaar of Teheran, which is with a length of scarcely 10 km and over 10.000 shops the largest bazaar of the world. Beside the archaeological museum and the carpet museum are above all as symbolsthe Islamic Republic of valid places of the tomb of the Imam Khomeini and the cemetery Behest e Sahra with the blood well each Teheranbesuchs must.

Modernes Kaufhaus im Westen Teherans
Modern department store in the west Teherans

in the crowning jewel museum tremendous quantities of Schmuckstücken and jewels are kept, among other things alsothe crowns of the last Schah and its wife as well as also the gold and jewels decorated sun throne. The white and the green palace of the Schah are likewise worth an attendance.

Also the skiing areas are very recommendable north of Teheran for winter sportsmen.In [[Elburz] - mountain chains north of Teheran are innumerable ski runways with ideal conditions and mechanisms at fair prices.

means of transport

beside the airport MehrAbad internationally air haven and not yet completely the new airport gone into enterprise Imam Khomeini possesses Teheran over cross-country penalty connection at Europe. Starting from the Istanbuler daily regular buses operate bus station until Teheran. The moreover one the outstanding motorway net of Iran with roads on Central European standard on Teheran is centralized. Teheran possesses also a main station.

The traffic conditions, particularly in the city center, are for quite some time very strained. The number of inhabitants risen like an explosion entailed the everyday Verkehrsinfarkt in direct consequence. Principal reason for this is the absence of an efficient public suburban traffic system. A majority of the population is afteras forwards dependent on the use of penalties and taxis.
Autobahn nähe des Milad Towers
Motorway sews the Milad Towers
Imam Khomeini U-Bahn Station in Teheran
Imam Khomeini underground station in Teheran
within the city is taxis cheaply and recommendable, since 1999 gives it an underground in Teheran, since thenconstantly one extends.

Within the country air passage is very comfortable and also very favorable. Tickets must be however far booked in advance, since the flights are often fully occupied.

Before cross-country journeys with the car one should consider that it inIran per hour 3 traffic dead gives on the average, i.e. per year approx. 27.000. The average age of the cars is at over 20 years and sinks only gradually.

partnerships between cities

Teheran maintains with the following cities partnerships. In parentheses the year thatEstablishment.

Panoramaansicht, fotografiert am 9.5.2004
panorama opinion, photographs to 9.5.2004

sons and daughters of the city

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