the Telenovela (splinter telenovela [ˌtelenoˈβela] = „soap opera “; literally television novel) is a special form of the TV serial, which was conceived in Latin America and for - the 90's also in other regions of the world is radiated, particularly in Eastern Europe and North Africa. A Telenovela is told from the perspective of the always female main figure.

With Telenovelas normally - similarly the US-American soap operas - daily a chapter is radiated. Also the concept of the Cliffhangers is frequently used: a consequence ends with a dramatic event, whose exit remains open first. The spectators are to be thus motivated to restart on the following day. In contrast to soap operas Telenovelas have however a before specified end, normally last them eight months until one year.

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Telenovelas having its origin in before-revolutionary Cuba. There - already in the times before arising the radio - - Manufakturen were read out to the female workers in the cigars during the work of novels, logical-prove in continuations, which resulted from the interruptions from working day to working day. This tradition kept there until today. 1930 were then transferred into Cuba for the first time a Radionovela. Novels were reworked into radio plays.

In 19. Century were well-known and popular continuation novels also in Europe. Works of the world literature of Alexandre Dumas (the three Musketiere) and Charles of thickening (olive Twist) originally appeared in newspapers and magazines. For each new expenditure a further continuation was written. If the readers were inspired by stories, then the author could the novel extend and thus also more money earn.

In the 50's - years one discovered the continuation novel for the television then in Latin America. Most successful Telenovela productions originate from Mexico and Brazil, where they run to the best transmitting times. In particular the Mexican Telenovelas is characterised by stereotyped characters and simple action strands. Frequent motive in the Mexican Telenovelas is the poor, but looking good girls, who fall in love with a rich man, while the family of the man tries to prevent this love. The Brazilian Telenovelas is produced frequently at clearly higher financial expenditure and to achieve often an also contentwise higher quality. To somewhat smaller extent Telenovelas are also in Argentina, Venezuela (z. B. also the Telenovela Morena Clara successful in Germany) and Colombia popular. From South America the Telenovelas began the continuation of its export success history approximately around the world, first in Spain, Portugal and Italy, then into the GUS - states.


the series format Telenovela arises since November 2004 as which German production company Grundy UFA with Bianca - ways fortunately the first Telenovela in Germany on the market brought, ever more frequently on the German-language television. Their success led ways to a further follow-up series of Julia - fortunately. After Bianca the most successful Telenovela with in love with Berlin, which likewise by Grundy UFA one produces, started a little later. The popularity of this series led to an extension of the series around a half year on altogether 365 consequences instead of the originally planned 200.
Apart from these very successful series 27.03.2006 further four Telenovelas came in the German television up to.

All Telenovelas on the German television would list

No. Title production company consequences transmitter radiant emittance date
1 Bianca - ways fortunately Grundy UFA and teamWorx 224 Second Channel of German Television 01.11.2004 - 05.10.2005
2 falls in love with Berlin Grundy UFA and Phoenix film 363 Sat.1 since 28.02.2005
3 storm of the love Bavaria film 300 first since 26.09.2005
4 Julia - ways fortunately Grundy UFA 500 Second Channel of German Television since 06.10.2005
5 Sophie - bride against will Grundy UFA 65 first 08.11.2005 - 09.03.2006
6 Tessa - lives for the love the Grundy UFA 125 Second Channel of German Television since 16.01.2006
7 Lotta with Love advice luggage film production 200 pro filters since 27.03.2006
of 8 butterflies in the belly of producer RK Work 280 Sat.1 kind of rotation in May 2006
9 the secret of my father Studio Hamburg production 50 first kind of rotation in July 2006
First kind of rotation in August 2006 [ work on ] mode word the word Telenovela

a kind

mode word in the linguistic usage was established 10 red roses Multimedia film and television production 100 and was used increasingly more frequently than replacement for the word soap opera. The straight TV-transmitters avail themselves of the novelty of the expression here, in order to stir up curiosity.

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