Telepathie (of Greek τηλε, tele, „far “and πάθεια, patheia, „feeling “or „susceptibility “) designates the ability to transmit information from humans to another humans or generally another “natureness” (animal, plant) without directly sinnlich(optically, acoustically, tactile, geschmacklich, olfaktorisch) perceptible influencing control or admitted physically measurable reciprocal effects at present.

The German term for Telepathie is thought transmission; colloquially also sixth sense or seventh sense is usual. The transmitter is with the receiver by means of thought strength in contactto step can. A special form is the Channeling in such a way specified, with humans information, which it receives from a nature, verbal or in writing to pass on to be able is.

Telepathie belongs to the phenomena, which are examined of the Parapsychologie.

Totoday there is no scientifically recognized proof for the existence of the Telepathie. To relatives, medically examined phenomenon of the brain waves, see the there article.

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a classical parapsychologischer attempt for the proof of Telepathie is accomplished with Zenerkarten. They decrease/go back on Joseph bank Rhine , that the maps after his colleague Karl Zenerdesignated. The maps show five different symbols:Cross, waves, square, star and circle. A usual deck consists of 25 maps. With the attempt the maps in a certain order are presented. The transmitter is now thatReceiver map for map telepathisch transfer, so that this is to present the same order.

This attempt became also of the physicist Edgar D. Mitchell accomplished, which 1971 astronaut of the Apollo 14 - mission to the moon was. In a secret, not of NASAauthorized private project wanted it from the spaceship telepathisch with four persons on earth into contact to step. With one of the four participants on earth the results are to have deviated significantly from that coincidence distribution which can be expected statistically.

Partiallyfor these tests the Teleblitzer in such a way specified is used, which is to strengthen a sending substantially. This consists of a shining desk flashing in certain frequency, on which one puts the symbols which can be sent. By rhythmic flashing the brain becomes allegedto high concentration on the symbol lively, with which the thought is to be more strongly sent then. The group of receivers in a secondary room makes only its spirit ‚free from thoughts `and observes, what breaks in. At the end the results are compared.

Alleged Telepathen

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Telepathie between humans and animal (animal communication)

as “animal communication” telepatische communication between humans and animal one designates. Humans, who exercise or teach this form of the Telepathie, becomegenerally as “Tierkommunikatoren” designates.

In animal communication one assumes humans and animals “converse” telepatisch can and in principle each humans and each animal bring along this ability by nature. Telepatischen communication can - ever after preference/talent/exercise of theHuman being with one or more senses to be noticed (e.g. see, hear, feel, smell).

Generally is a goal of animal communication of achieving and faster and more clearly of finding a better understanding out between humans and animal, like it an animal is and/or.which needs it, so that he better is. In addition the causes for certain behaviors of the animal are to be found out to be able with the help of animal communication (e.g. with behavior remarkablenesses). Frequent application finds animal communication also with the search for missed animals.

Usually the initiative proceeds to the establishment of contact to an animal by means of animal communication from humans, in addition, animals in emergency situations or with large suffering pressure are to be able to take up on their part from telepatischen contact to humans.

Professional Tierkommunikatoren understands itself also as interpretersbetween humans and animal. Tierkommunikatoren work usually with domestic animals or animals in shank. In addition, the contact to animals living in the wild should be possible. The establishment of contact to the respective animal takes place telepatisch in presence of the animal or in absence of the animalby means of a photo.

Also for telepatische animal communication it applies that it gives to today no scientifically recognized proof for their existence.

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