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threshing floor lake Williams (* 26. March 1911 in Columbus, Federal State Mississippi; † 25. February 1983 in New York town center; actually Thomas Lanier Williams) was an US-American writer. It received the pointed name “threshing floor lake” from college friends at the University OF Missouri, because its father in the Federal State threshing floor lake was born. Its grandparents, with whom it often and gladly was to attendance, lived still there, and this was coining/shaping for its accent. Its 1952 piece of stage, The rose Tattoo (its life companion, franc Merlo, dedicated), receivedthe Tony Award for best play. Critics maintain that Williams in the style of the Südstaatengothik writes.

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threshing floor lake Williams buildup in Columbus/Mississippi. Itand were therefore also very sad as he and its parents loved this place after pc. Louis pulled. Its difficult family conditions meet with partial response in its literary work. Its father, Cornelius Williams, was a commercial traveller for shoes and struck its children. The nut/mother, Edwina Williams, camefrom a before times wealthy Southern State family. Its brother, Dakin Williams, was preferred by the father opposite threshing floor lake. Its sister, rose Williams, was psychologically ill and emotional unstable. She spent a majority of her life under medical supervision. One of parents finally permitted Lobotomie has threshing floor lake them neverforgiven.

The figures in threshing floor lake Williams plays are often seen before its family background. Laura Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie is often regarded to Amanda Wingfield of its nut/mother as of its sister rose inspired and. Other figures, as for instance Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie andSebastian in Suddenly load buzzer, are considered likewise as auto+biographic. Also the main figure in Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, Brick polling CCIT, exhibits strong auto+biographic courses. Above all Williams was however an author of the south of the USA. New Orleans, the Mississippi delta and thoseCoast of the gulf of Mexico are scenes of its pieces.

In its memoirs threshing floor lake, it states became sexually active already as a dte rodent. On the other hand shifted its bio graph Lyle Leverich this into its late 20's. The most important homosexual relationship of threshing floor lake was to its secretary the francMerlo. It began 1947 and ended with Merlos cancer death in the year 1961, the threshing floor lake into depressions for many years fell. During ihes Zusammenseins Merlo gave emotional stability. The works of this time are considered as its best.

Williams became victim one Gay bashings in January 1979 in key west.Five dte-gnaw young struck it together, but it was not seriously hurt. The episode was part of a series of anti-gays force, which took place there, after a local Baptisten prediger switched a newspaper advertisement against Homosexualität. Many its critics criticized alleged “excesses” in its work; itgenerally one believes, thus attacks on Williams sexual identity are meant.

In the year 1955 Williams won the Pulitzer price for the drama “the cat on the hot sheet metal roof “(Cat on A Hot Tin Roof), and in the year 1948 for “last stop longing“(A Streetcar Named the Irish). Critics assign its plays to the “Southern Gothic” style.

Williams spent many years in Rome, it connected a deep friendship with the famous Italian actress Anna Magnani. For it it wrote two pieces, of “The rose Tattoo” and“Orpheus Descending” in those it the main role played in each case.

Threshing floor lake Williams suffocated in the age of 71 years at a Flaschenverschluss to 24. February 1983 in its New Yorker town center residence in the hotel Elysee. Other one (and. A. its brother Dakin Williams) accept, he is murdered. It was buried in pc. Louis, Missouri.


of plays

  • 1944 The Glass Menagerie (the Glasmenagerie. A play of the memory)
  • 1947 A Streetcar Named the Irish (last stop longing)
  • of 1948 buzzers and Smoke
  • 1950 The rose Tattoo (the tätowierteRose)
  • 1955 Cat on A Hot Tin Roof (the cat on the hot sheet metal roof)
  • 1957 Orpheus Descending (Orpheus rises down)
  • 1958 Suddenly, load buzzer (suddenly last summer)
  • 1959 Sweet Bird OF Youth (sweet bird youth)
  • 1961 The Night OF the Iguana(The night iguana)
  • 1964 Eccentricities OF A Nightingale

of film scripts

  • 1956 baby Doll

of novels

  • 1950 The novel jump OF Mrs. Stone (Mrs. Stone and their Roman spring)
  • 1975 Moise and the World OF Reason (“Moise and the world thatReason ")

of quotations

  • God does not come, if we liked it, but it comes in time.
  • Who has a bad memory, no other choice remains to say than the truth.
  • Each stupidity finds one, which makes it.
  • Humans of earlier times were just as badlike we. Sie wussten es nur nicht so genau.
  • Humans today wish the life from the day after tomorrow to the prices from the day before yesterday.
  • Women love the defeated ones, but they would amount to them with the winners.
  • Lie is the law of our life, it gives two ways from it.Alcohol is and death the other one.
  • Work is a drug, which looks like a medicine.
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