carpet is in as laying out commodity shifted, textiler floor mat.

As material pole becomes - or flat fabric uses. Velours and loop carpets belong to the pole fabrics. They can be woven or getuftet . A special form is the sticking pole carpet.

Carpet can be shifted, stuck together, verklettet or strutted loosely . Carpet tiles are loosely shifted.

Carpet was in the 1970er and 1980er years likes, today however ever more replaced by laminate for renting objects and/or. Parquet for used objects. For hygenic reasons and because of allergies carpet is guessed/advised into the criticism. However by the German allergy and asthma federation (DAAB) a study in order was given, whose results are published 2005. This study proves that the fine dust loading is substantially smaller in areas with carpet, as if a smooth soil (tiles, laminate, parquet etc.) was shifted.


for isolation and decoration purposes in former times skins were put on the soil. With the introduction of carpet from the asiatic area over the land trade routes this was brought as decorative fixture to the wall and put later than expression of financial strength also in Europe on the soil. In this time in the civil environment leinwandbindige Web carpets were used, since attached carpets had a high price. With beginning of the industrialization in Europe also freely examined carpets on looms were manufactured.

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