Terence Young

Terence Young (* 20. June 1915 in Schanghai, China; † 7. September 1994 in Cannes, France; actually: Shaun Terence Young) was a British director. It is particularly for its three James bond - films Dr. NO (1962), dear greetings from Moscow (1963) and fire ball (1965) admits.


at the age of 21 years enters Terence Young the world of the film as a film script writer in British films and of the fifties forties. Later he collected the Night OF the Fire (1940) during the Second World War first experiences than direction Assisstent for Ralph Richardson ' s film on, before it with different films for Irwin Allens and Albert R. Broccolis Studio Warwick of film direction led. Its first important debut work as a director took place then 1950 with the film script and three years later with its filming from The talks Beret, in which Alan Ladd approves the victory of the Americans and Briten with the First World War. The contemporary criticisms call this film to date best film of Terence Young.

During the Second World War Young was accommodated in the parachute relay and participated in the battle of Arnheim, where he was wounded and brought into a hospital. There it was treated by a nurse, who will conquer later than actress the world of the film in the storm, Audrey Hepburn. The two should itself only twenty years later again for the film control room, until it is dark unites.

Later it was probably above all its good relationship with Albert R. Broccoli, which finally qualified it for the work on the first two bond films.


  • 1946 Men OF Arnhem
  • 1948 in the spell of the past (Corridor OF mirrors)
  • 1948 One Night with You
  • 1949 the woman Mrs. (Woman more hater)
  • 1950 They Were emergency Divided
  • of 1951 wolves at the night (Valley OF Eagle)
  • 1953 The talk Beret
  • 1955 the lady of the king (That lady)
  • 1955 storm over the Nile (Storm more over the Nile)
  • 1956 the king of the safari (safari)
  • 1956 Zarak Khan (Zarka Khan)
  • 1957 operation tiger (Action OF the tigers)
  • 1958 no time to die (NO time ton)
  • 1959 shame lots (Serious load)
  • the 1960 too hot for touching (Too hot ton act)
  • 1962 James bond 007 hunts Dr. NO (Dr. NO)
  • 1963 James bond 007 - dear greetings from Moscow (From Russia with love)
  • 1965 James bond 007 - fire ball (Thunderball)
  • 1965 the amourösen adventures of the Moll Flanders (The amorous adventures OF Moll Flanders)
  • of 1965 feeler gauges under itself (Guerre secrète) (direction of an episode)
  • 1966 poppy are also a flower (The poppy is thus A more flower)
  • 1967 I come from the end of the world (L'aventuriero)
  • 1967 feeler gauge between two fronts (tripolarize CROSS)
  • 1967 control room, until it is dark (WAIT until dark) (with Audrey Hepburn)
  • 1968 Mayerling (Mayerling)
  • 1969 Pascal (L'arbre de noel)
  • 1970 cold sweat (De la part copains)
  • 1971 rivals under red sun [[Le soleil rouge]]
  • 1972 the Valachi papers (Carteggio Valachi)
  • 1974 Guerriere dal seno nudo
  • 1974 Verflucht is it all (The klansman)
  • 1977 operation Foxbat (Foxbat)
  • 1979 blood-purely (Blood LINE)
  • 1981 Inc.-hone
  • 1982 agent dies twice (The jigsaw one)
  • 1988 run for your would run - its revenge does not know a border (run for your would run)

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