Teresa Ciepły

Teresa Barbara Ciepły (* 19. October 1937 in Brodnia; † 8. March 2006 in Bydgoszcz; born Teresa Wieczorek) was a Polish light athlete and Olympionikin. 1964 became it with the Polish 4x100-Meter-Staffel Olympiasiegerin. Two years before she had been selected in her homeland to the Sportlerin of the yearly.

Ciepły belonged to at the beginning of the 1960er years to the strongest Sprinterinnen of the world. With the olympic plays 1960 in Rome it still won 100 meters the bronze medal under its maiden name Wieczorek with the Polish relay (Barbara Janiszewska, Celina Jesionowska, Halina judge) over 4 x in 45.0 seconds behind the USA (44,5) and the Federal Republic of Germany (44,8).

It won two years later with the European championship in Belgrade two titles: in the 80-meter hurdle run and with the 4x100-Meter-Staffel; in the 100-Meter-Lauf it became besides behind Dorothy Hyman and Jutta Heine third.

She finally celebrated the largest success of its career with the XVIII. Olympic summer games 1964 in Tokyo, as it as a member of the Polish 4x100-Meter-Staffel (with Irena Kirszenstein, Halina Górecka and Ewa Kłobukowska) in 43.6 seconds of Olympiasiegerin before the USA (43,9) and Great Britain (44,0) became. In addition it won the silver medal behind the German (= GDR) in the 80-meter hurdle run Karin Balzer, which at the same time 10.5 seconds ran.

Ciepły was married with the hammer thrower Olgierd Ciepły.

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