Term (mythology)

term (lat. „Border “and „boundary stone “) is in the Roman mythology the God of the boundary stones.

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the meaning of the boundary stones

Ein alter deutscher Grenzstein. Römische Grenzsteine sahen ähnlich aus.
an old German boundary stone. Roman boundary stones looked similar.

Boundary stones mark the borders of neighbouring properties and guarantee the adherence to these borders. In the Roman mythology boundary stones were the visible indications of Terminus' effect strength (its Numens). Setting and the shifting of boundary stones was therefore a ritual procedure on the occasion of whose the God cakes were dargeboten as Opfergaben.

the meaning of the God

the holiday Terminus' became to 23. February committed and as „ the Terminalia “designates. In the course of the Terminalia the boundary stones were decorated by the owners of lying close properties together with flowers. A history gives a reference to the meaning of the God: At the Kapitol in Rome a fixed image of term stood. When in honours of Jupiter in evenly this place a temple should be established, on the basis the bird flight it was interpreted whether the Gods concerned agreed with a transfer of their statues. After the interpretation term was not it. Probably „the Unverrückbarkeit of the term represented “a substantial aspect of right security in the Roman community .

connection between God and communication

this aspect of security can be expanded as ideal conception also on the range of human communication: Term a become language is called „term “, because it makes possible clear statements and thus finally communication by its firm meaning.

related terms

likewise of term derived terms are:

  • Terminology: The whole of all terms and designations of a technical language.
  • Terminal: A last stop, terminal, etc. Derived of the fact that a boundary stone marks the end of a property.
  • Term technicus: A technical term in a technical language. These terms have usually very clear and firm meanings.
  • Terms from the syllogism:
    • term major: The generic term of the proof. More exactly: That characteristic, which is to be proven to an object.
    • term medius: the central term of the proof. More exactly: What two objects have together, and why from the characteristic one on an appropriate characteristic of the other one be concluded can.
    • term minor

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