a territory is a clearly defined geographical range, which is considered to individual , an organization or an institution as property . Comes from latin of terra, - ae f.

This territorial forceextends up:
A territory, which places itself as non-sovereign political area voluntarily under the sovereignty of another government. E.G. rank American Samoa - islands among the US territory.
The difference between Canadian provinces and territories consists of the fact that the government a more direct power on the territoriesexercises, while the provinces are administered by own province governments.
An illegaly occupied territory is an area, which lost the national sovereignty involuntarily, and is illegitimately or by force subjected to a strange power. As illegaly occupied at present for instance Tibet are considered by China or the Golanhöhen through Israel.
A disputed territory is a geographical area, which is stressed by two or several rivaling governments. E.G. the territory is equally stressed by Kashmir by the governments of India and Pakistan.
A stressed territory refers to ranges of the Antarctic, the moon etc.
This side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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