Terrorist attacks to 7. The evacuation of the Russell

Square some persons regulates July 2005 in
London policeman was enclosed in the Londoner Underground.

In the morning 7. July 2005 came it into London during the rush hour within shortest time to altogether four explosions, released by bomb carrier (“backpack bombers so mentioned”) into three underground - courses and a double-decker bus. 56 humans (inclusive the four suicide assassins) were killed and hurt over 700 partly heavily. Many humans were enclosed up to the afternoon in the courses concerned.

The notices are called in the British media also under the abbreviation 7/7 (seven to seven), following the terrorist attacks at the 11. September 2001 in the USA, which admits under 9/11 became. 7/7 like also 9/11 are the abbreviation of the American way of writing of the date; in British the English both data with hyphen (07-07, 09-11 become and/or. 11-09) written.

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the Londoner police closes the Russell Square

due to the incidents first many underground stations was evacuated and the entire bus and underground system shut down. In the evening public traffic was partly again taken up. The bank quarter and far over 40 roads remained occasionally closed. The trade at the Londoner stock exchange was suspended.

Prime minister Tony Blair left the G8 taking place at the same time because of the notices temporarily - meetings in Scotland, in order to be able to make itself in London a picture of the situation.

The terrorist attacks released world-wide mourning and confusion. In many countries some days of late intending minutes took place, in order to think of the victims and their members.

explosions and victim numbers

of places of the explosions

three of the explosions took place at the same time over for instance 8:50 clock Londoner time in driving underground - courses (partial with the retracting or extending from the station). Of it an occurred to the Liverpool Street and demanded oneself seven victims. Likewise seven persons died with a detonation to the Edgware Road.

The heaviest of the notices occurred on the Piccadilly LINE between King's CROSS pc. Pancras and Russell Square. It took place in the middle in the tunnel , what made the rescue work more difficult, and demanded 28 dead ones. Of missed one deplored belonging the slow salvage. The authorities asked for understanding, since because of the technical problems in the tunnel also the trace safety device was difficult.

The fourth detonation demanded scarcely one hour later (around 9:47 clock) in a double-decker bus at the Tavistock Square (close Russell Square) further 13 victims.

Altogether at least 56 humans died by the notices, four of it were the bomb carriers themselves. The number of the hurt ones lies between 600 and 700.

As explosive however the very unstable HMTD or however acetone peroxide producible from everyday utensils was probably used.

it is not considered

to terrorist meanwhile as any longer secured that it concerned with the notices suicide assassination attempts. The presumed authors had bought park lights and return tickets, in addition they had identity papers with itself, which for suicide assassins is not typical. It is possible that the authors did not have the intention of dying said a speaker of Scotland yard. The four presumed terrorists were found on video photographs. Three of the four authors were the British of origin of Pakistan, who originated from the area Leeds. During the search of its houses explosive was found.

The presumed authors:

background and determinations

in first statements immediately after the events excluded the authorities of terrorist attacks and indicated short-circuits or collisions of undergrounds as possible causes. This was according to later press releases a conscious incorrect information, in order to avoid a panic and to win time for the estimate of the situation.

Scotland yard confirmed later however that at least one bomb in an underground had been found. The moreover one remainders of an explosive device in the double-decker bus were discovered, so that in the meantime as safe it is considered that the explosions were caused by notices. According to the witness Bruce Lait, which survived the notice near the Aldgate East station, was the explosion stove under the underground railroad car.

Unclear it is however whether the notices in connection with that stattgefundenden at the same time G8-Gipfel in Gleneagles (Scotland) or decision over London as venue of the olympic summer games 2012, the made the previous evening , stands.

An alleged group named „secret group of aluminium-Qaidas Dschihad in Europe”, which had not gone so far ever into action, had itself in the course of in the morning in the Internet to the notices well-known. In the explanation it, the notices meant a retaliation for British military employments was in Afghanistan and Iraq. The group threatened with further notices in Denmark and Italy. The confession had not appeared however on one of the usual aluminium-Qaida-web pages, whereby the suspicion of a free rider arose. The authenticity could not be examined so far.

In the following week numerous arrests in Pakistan and Egypt took place . A biochemist of the University of Leeds was arrested and cross-examined in Cairo. It is suspected the explosive devices to have built denies this however just like the reproach from the assassination attempts to have in advance known. German security authorities assume Pakistan partly replaced meanwhile Afghanistan as place of various radical, Islamic training courses.

To 9. April 2006 published the British newspaper The Observer conclusions from an investigation report, one a connection of the authors to aluminium-Qaida not to therefore determine could.


data in WESZ (MESZ-1):

  • 08:50 clock: Three explosions in the underground stations Liverpool Street, Edgware Road and King's CROSS pc. Pancras.
  • 09:28 clock: Metronet, which reports operators of the Londoner underground, that a problem with the electricity supply is a cause of the explosions.
  • 09:47 clock: Fourth explosion in a bus of the line 30 at the Tavistock Square.
  • 09:49 clock: Metronet confirms the attitude underground of the enterprise in London.
  • 10:00 clock: National the Grid confirms that there was no problem with the electricity supply.
  • 11:08 clock: Also the bus traffic is stopped.
  • 11:10 clock: The police confirms that it concerns a coordinated terrorist attack. It is called to remain calm not to drive and no unnecessary emergency calls transact for the time being no more to London.
  • 12:05 clock: Prime minister Tony Blair holds a speech, it calls the incidents „barbarian” terrorist attacks. Afterwards it travels to London.
  • 13:11 clock: Mirror on-line reports aluminium-Qaida in Europe of a claim of responsibility „of the secret organization - “in the Internet.
  • 18:13 clock: The police confirms officially 37 dead ones.
  • 21:40 clock: The police confirms a further victim, that succumbed to its heavy injuries.


after the notices it came in the country to different incidents, which are interpreted of the police as possible acts of revenge. Several mosques were attacked and partly thrown with incendiary compounds. To 13. July was flogged in Nottingham a 48-jähriger Pakistani by a group of young people to death.

Only fourteen days after the notices, to 21. July 2005, gave it recently to terror alarm in the English capital. Again there was several bomb sets, which should be ignited almost at the same time in the Londoner underground. However this notice did not run apparently as planned, since the bombs detonated not completely, whereby there was no victim this time up to a hurt one. The English police could arrest several suspects in the context of an extensive action, a complete clearing-up of the act however still stands.

With an incident in the Londoner subway railway station stick-wave became to 22. July the indifferent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes killed by officials in civilian clothes with several shots in the head.

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