company information
name Teso
head office the Hoorn /Texel
firm information
form of business organization [[N.V.
Company name Texels own Stoomboot Onderneming
Gründungsdatum 1907
establishment place Texel
company headquarters the Hoorn /Texel
coworker ? (2004)
Conversion ? (2004)
contact address Pontweg 1 1797 SN Texel
telephone +31 (0) 222/369600 (24 hours)
E-Mail info@teso.nl
web page Teso

the Teso (N.V. T exels E igen S toomboot O nderneming) 1907 were based (registered as N.V. to 22. January 1908) and serves for it passengers between Texel (island) and the Helder to transport. The passage lasts approx. 20 minutes between both ports.

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around the inhabitants a better binding to the mainland to make possible and the tourism beginning also toward Texel steer, one decided to be based its own driving company.


Oudeschild From 1907 into the 1960er years inside Oudeschild was used as driving port. Today Oudeschild is used almost exclusively still as fishing port and landing place for private boats.

'tHorntje In order to shorten the passages, one decided to build itself in the 60's at the south point of Texel a driving port. For years the Teso ships put on the early 1960er almost exclusively in 't Horntje.


travel time

  • 'tHorntje - the Helder: once per hour of 6.00 o'clock to 21,00 o'clock
  • the Helder - 'tHorntje: once per hour from 6.30 to 21,30 o'clock.
  • At sunning and holidays the first boat - depending upon season - drives one hour or two hours later.
  • reduced tariffs: Tuesday, on Wednesdays and Thursday of April by October around 30% reduces.

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