Testosteron is beside Nandrolon an important Sexual hormone (androgen), which is proven with both sexes, and thereby in concentration and impact with man and woman differs. Like all androgens the basic structure of the Testosterons consists of 19C-atoms. The forerunners of the Testosterons are the Gestagene (21 C-atoms) respectively DHEA.

Testosteron is a technical term, which is derived from Testikel (testicle ) and Steroid. With men Testosteron becomes mostly under the influence of the LH (Luteinisierendes hormone) produces in the Leydig intermediate cells in the testicle. The suprarenal body crust forms small quantities of other androgens, however no Testosteron. With women the ovaries and the suprarenal body crust produce small quantities of Testosteron. In the biosynthesis of the organism the Cholesterol is that Precursor (preliminary stage), and/or. the Progesteron an intermediate product for the Testosteronsynthese.

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  • promotes the developmentand preservation of the secondary sex characteristics with the man
  • promotes growth and function of Penis and Skrotum
  • adjusts sperm cells production
  • promotes growth and function of the accessory sex glands
  • restrains the Gonadotropinsekretion
  • promotes the fat secretion
  • promotes the hair stature
  • possesses a anabole, muscle-developing effect.
  • increasesthe sexual demand = Libido and generally perseverance and life desire.
  • increases aggressiveness
  • restrains pain sensitivity

general promotes an inadequately high Testosteronspiegel aggressive behaviors. As ethologische effects Imponiergehabe, combat behavior as well as Begattungsdrang were investigated and observed. These cannot however by any means as negative effectsto separate is by nature planned behavior is dismissed. This became by castration and following hormone supply at animals (powerful Hengste becomes adapted whale laughter) and humans (while the slave duration) proven.

Likewise an overproduction in the suprarenal body crust can with weibl.Sex a Vermännlichung (Imponiergehabe, fight, Begattung) cause. Artificial Testosteron supply with Mrs. (bodybuilding) can lead to a Vermännlichung (voice, musculature, face courses, Behaarung) and enlargement of the Klitoris, which regress after setting off however usually.

negatives effects

  • liverand kidney tumor formation
  • damage of the heart muscle
  • Herzrythmusströrungen
  • damage of the cardiovascular system
  • disturbance of the fat metabolism, the blood clotting and the container system
  • deposit at the gefässwänden
  • degradation of the Cholesterinwerte
  • Arteriosklerose
  • Blutgerinnsel in the brain/impact accumulation
  • Thrombosegefahr
  • Gynäkomastie (swell the chest glands with the man)
  • coarsing of the face courses
  • growth thatSkeletal musculature
  • accelerated skeleton-ripe
  • change of the thyroid function
  • increase of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and water storage in the fabric by Aromatisation
  • enlargement of the tallow glands of the skin
  • training of normal acne and “Steroid acne”
  • change of the hair distribution sample (e.g. Main hair loss or Vermehrung of the Körperbehaarung)
  • feeling fluctuations
  • of negatives memory achievement and concentration ability
  • Psychological illnesses (e.g. Depressions or the “superone syndrome”)
  • acceptance of the testicle volume and the sperm cells number (reversible)

artificial Testosteron

a Testosteronmangel can e.g. to Erektionsstörungen it leads and could become balanced in former times only by syringes which have the disadvantage that themonly during long periods to be given could and thus the Testosteronspiegel strongly varies. Today there is a gel, which is laid on daily on the skin and thus a constant Testosteronspiegel made possible. In some countries Testosteronimplantate are certified.

Some Bodybuilder usealso Testosteron, in order to accelerate their structure of muscle or to overcome the natural power limit. However the danger exists to use a superelevated dose to lead those to serious, durable urologischen problems can. Are common kurzkettige esters (Propionat), mittelkettige (Enanthat/Cypionat) and langkettigeEster (Undecanoat, Buciclat), whereby the largest part is referred over the black market. With these products the danger of the pollution exists and/or. wrong dosages.

therapy with Testosteron

is not sufficient the natural production of Testosteron, then can loudRecommendation of the Pharmaindustrie a long-term therapy with Testosteron supplied from the outside take place. Problematic it is however that men need most different Testosteronspiegel, in order to react “male”. Some “unmännlich” working men with small Libido have a relatively high mirror at Testosteron. On the other hand very muchviril working men also fully developed Libido have against it a small mirror. Therefore it is extremely difficult to fasten a small Testosteronspiegel reliably as a cause for Virilität lacking. Only with some firmly described disease pictures such as Hypogonadismus the possible advantages of one outweighTestosterongabe with certain probability the possible disadvantages.

Today several Darreichungsformen are available:

  • Plaster for gluing on the skin
  • gel for laying on the skin
  • oily solutions for intramuskulären (i.m.) injection (until three months effectiveness)
  • tablets to the income.

InjectedTestosteron in pure form would be diminished within fewer minutes in the body. Therefore to the Testosteronmolekül in a chemical procedure an ester is attached, in order to brake the dismantling in the body. At the market available are today among other things pro pion RK esters (effect:approx. 3-4 days), Enanthat esters (up to 14 days) and Undecanoat esters (1 month). Since 2005 there is a intramuskuläre 3-Monats-Therapie. The injections would have to take place in indicated the intervals, in order to ensure an even plasma mirror of the hormone in the blood. In practicethe injection intervals often still further expanded, there in the organism mechanisms for the connection of Testosteronmolekülen to certain proteins (SHBG) present are.

unwanted medicament effects (UAW)

an external Testosteronverabreichung by nature and artificial Testosteronsalben is not there intendedand matrix plasters only at the market are very short, are well-known over risks and long-term side effects still nothing. External Testosterongaben would know the ability of the body to produce impair even Testosteron.

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