Théodule Ribot

Théodule Ribot (* 18. December 1839 in Guingamp, Côtes d'Armor; † 9. December 1916 in Paris) was a French psychologist and philosopher.

It studied to the École normal Supérieure to Paris, worked since 1865 as a professor of philosophy at different Collèges. Since 1872 he dedicated in Paris excluding biological studies and justified themselves 1876 the “revue philosophique”, as well as to 1884 the society for physiological psychology.

1885 he was appointed the extraordinary professor of the psychology to the Sorbonne, 1888 however the tidy professor of the comparative and experimental psychology at the Collège de France.


  • “La psychologle anglaise contemporaine” (1870, 2. Aufl. 1875)
  • “L'hérédité. Étude psychologique " (1873, revision 1882)
  • “La philosophy de Schopenhauer” (1874)
  • “La psychology allemande contemporaine” (1879; German, Braunschw. 1881)
  • “Les maladies de la mémoire” (1881; German, Hamb. also l'attention
  • ” (1888) it translated 1882) “Les
  • of maladies de la volonté” (1882) “Les
  • of maladies de la personnalité” (1885) “

La psychology de together with Espinas harsh ore Spencers “Principles OF psychology” into the French (1874-75, 2 Bde.).

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