Thanksgiving is the US-American and Canadian harvest thank celebration. Celebrated in the USA it ever on fourth Thursday in November, thus many later than the German harvest thank celebration. Thanksgiving is in the USA a national holiday and of many as the highest in the year is regarded. The Americans take gladly following Friday freely, in order to extend their weekend. Friday is used frequently for the first Christmas shopping and the conversion on this day is for the retail trade an important tendency indicator. Starting from the day after Thanksgiving it is also usual that Christmas decorations in the public area become increasingly present. Because many generations for a fixed meal accumulate, is the traffic volume on airports and roads at this four day week-ends enormously strengthened.

In Canada the celebration is committed on second Monday in October. There Thanksgiving is holiday in most provinces, so that he forms one of the popular long weekends in the year.


the first well-known harvest thank festiveness in North America became of Francisco Vásquez de Coronade and the trunk of the Tejas to 23. May 1541 in the area of today's Texas committed. The discovery was celebrated by food by the expedition of the Spaniard. A similar celebration found some years later to 8. September 1565 in pc. Augustine, Florida, instead of, where Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and its people with the natives celebrated its landing. A Don Juan de Onate 1598 in the today's El Paso, with the Manso Indians celebrated at the 30.April. The first anglophone harvest thank celebration took place 1578 on Newfoundland, where the sailor Martin Frobisher celebrated the discovery of the northwest passage. A further celebration became to 4. August 1619 in the today's Virginia committed, where 38 Kolonisten celebrated their arrival from England. One year after got a group off Puritanern Pilgerväter off the course and stranded with Plymouth skirt, Massachusetts. From gratitude for the assistance of the natives Wampanoagindianer, without which they would not have survived the following winter, they celebrated together a 3-tägiges harvest thank celebration in the autumn 1621. It is this celebration, on which the Americans and the Canadians lead their Thanksgiving back. The Loyalisten brought the American Thanksgiving after the war of independence to Canada.


today usually the whole family, including grandparents, still meets aunts, uncles, cousins and adults of children to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. There are usually similar courts as main at the first Thanksgiving celebration, from originally North American food, i.e. furnace-roasted, filled Truthahn with a rich selection of supplements and refeeding, as Cranberrysauce, sweet potatoes, apples, Nüssen and Pumpkin pie (a sweet cure until pie), different vegetables and corn.

Since the American families are often practicing Christians, the Thanksgiving meal is terminated usually either with a thank prayer or with the fact begun that the participants of the meal admit in sequence, for which they (God) would like particularly to thank in this year.


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