To The bend Boss

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To The bend Boss (world-wide driven out under the title Fist OF Fury) is the first from four films Bruce Lees. Year of manufacture: Hong Kong/Thailand 1971, length: 99 minutes

this film, to 31. October 1971 in Hong Kong premiere had, fallow in the Mandarin Circuit all records and brought the name Bruce Lee in all mouth.


there the young Cheng left, a highly gifted combat artist, problems has its temper to zügeln, sends his nut/mother it to relatives into the province. There friendly of its relatives taken up, he gets work in an ice factory, which is used however from the owners to the cover-up of its drug business. When a cousin Cheng read this discovered, it is merciless murdered. Due to read abilities tries the Boss of the company it into its dark business to entangle; which also succeeds first. But when the gangsters in read family a devastating blood bath arrange, left swears revenge.

German title: “The death fist of the Cheng left”


production: Golden Harvest

producer: Raymond Chow

direction: Lo Wei


Cheng left…. Bruce Lee Chiao Mei…. Maria Yi-yi
ah Pei…. Left Kun
Ho Hsien cheng…. James Tien
Boss…. Han Ying Chieh
among other things

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