The nearly and the Furious

film data
of German titles: The nearly and the Furious
original title: The nearly and the Furious
production country: The USA,
feature year: 2001
length (PAL - DVD): 102 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Rob Cohen
film script: Gary Scott Thompson, Eric Bergquist, David Ayer
production: Neal H. Moritz
music: BT
camera: Ericson core
cut: Peter Honess

The nearly and the Furious is US Actionfilm from the year 2001, which plays in the illegal road running and Tuningszene.

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Dominic Toretto is the head road running course, those in the suspicion stands for truck, the valuable technical equipment loaded to kidnap. Undercover - copilot Brian O'Conner tried to find out who the equipment actually steals as it with the assistance of an autopartial dealer the local road running scene infiltrated. Meanwhile it falls in love with Dominics younger sister Mia.

After O'Conner loses afterwards its autopapers in running at Toretto and the car is destroyed by Johnny Tran, a rival by Toretto, O'Conner tries to win the confidence from Toretto to as it to it makes itself Toyota a Supra to rig around it Toretto to hand over. The police wants to see results and continues to set the Undercover copilot ever under pressure. Brian comes into a Zwiespalt between vocational obligation and personal friendship.

Brian helps itself Toretto finally, at Tran to throats. Afterwards it lets it flee however in its Toyota.


the film is based on an article from the Vibe - magazine of journalist Ken left over illegal road running in Los Angeles.

The action exhibits parallels to the film dangerous surf with Keanu Reeves from the year 1991. Both films show a Undercover copilot, the one group of extreme-haven-learn infiltrated around information about a theft series to get. In both films the Protagonist falls in love with the sister of the group leader and both films ends thereby that the Protagonist decides for the life, what it actually only to the espionage began.


2003 followed the continuation 2 nearly 2 Furious in Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner to see again is. Vin Diesel did not participate due to a too high Gagenforderung any more.

Part 3, The nearly and the Furious: Tokyo drift plays like the name to assume leaves in Tokyo. In addition, with this film Paul Walker is not any more from the portion. Cinema start should be still 2006.

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