The Game (musician)

Jayceon Taylor (* 29. November 1979 in Compton, California, the USA; also admits as The Game, Chuck Taylor or California Kid) is RWSby and stands with Aftermath under contract. The Game was member of G-unit crew around 50 cent, reached according to data of 50 cent however because of „loyalty lacking “the crew and 50 cent the crew to dismiss.

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  The Game comes from Compton,  Los Angeles, that notoriously is for more than three decades of full criminality, above all through course. When a member of the Bloods became Taylor 2001 angeschossen, probably of a member of the Crips. While Taylor recovered from the attack, he sat down three goals: Black horses, efficiently will go and back into the school. Dr. Dre likewise from Compton comes sought out it into Compton and took it with its label Aftermath Entertainment under contract. The Game is at present on many Mixtapes represented, among other things of DJ Kay Slay,  DJ Clue and other DJs.

At the end of of 2004 brought The out Game its first single: How incoming goods DO feat. 50 cent. In January 2005 it rose into the Billboardcharts of the USA to place 6.

To 18. January 2005 landed The Games first album at place 1 the Billboard Top 200. It sold itself times to 587,000 in the first week. Also into the UK-Charts it landed at place 7. The Game is likewise the founder of the The Black barrier Street (record label), on which The Game among other things RWSby would run, technical International Electronical Commission, Eastwood and the producer Nu Jerzey Devil (that among other things for the last two Mixtapes You Know What It Is Vol.3 and Vol.4 Ghost unit is responsible) under contract took. The moreover one RWSby in the future generally speaking country (New York, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago) Street organization wants to create new branches of the Black barrier.

After cent The Game from the G-unit had thrown 50, followed a publicly delivered controversy, which persists still. In the course of this controversy The Game published the 15-minütigen these TRACK 300 bars and Runnin', on which he the G-unit - members 50 cent, Lloyd bank, Tony Yayo, Young bend and Olivia scoffed. The moreover it brought CD with the title “stop out Snitchin', stop Lyin'", whose name a scoffing of 50Cents first Aftermath album and motion picture film of the same name “GET smell Or the Tryin' “is.

The Game works already on its new album The Doctor's Advocate, which is to appear on 06 June 2006. For the successor to “The Documentary” The Game already new TRACKs with the producers Dr.Dre, Kanye west ones, cool ones & Dre and Just Blaze took up.

However the well-being being issued of its family and in particular that of its son Harlem Caron stand in the first place beside the music business.



year title type
2004 “Untold story” Street album
2004 “You Know What It Is of volume. 1 " Mixtape
2005 “west Coast Resurrection” Street album
2005 “load It ton of The Game” Street album
2005 “You Know What It Is of volume. 2 " Mixtape
2005 “The Documentary” official album
2005 “Untold story Vol.2” Street album
2005 “Who Got Game?” Mixtape
2005 “You Know What It Is of volume. 3 " Mixtape
2006 “Ghost unit” Mixtape
2005 “stop Snitchin' stop Lyin'” sound TRACK
2006 “G.A.M.E.” Street album
2006 “The Doctor's Advocate” official album (06.06.2006)


year title Chartplatzierungen album
DE Single Charts RK single Charts US Hot 100 UK single Charts
2004 “westsimmers story” (feat. 50 cent) - - #93 - The Documentary
2004 “How incoming goods DO” (feat. 50 cent) #9 #18 #4 [platinum] #5 The Documentary
2005 “Hate It Or Love It” (feat. 50 cent) #14 #23 #2 #4 The Documentary
2005 “Dreams” #71 - #32 #8 The Documentary
2005 “PUT You on The Game” - - #96 #48 The Documentary

“Featuring” The Game

The hunger For More (of Lloyd bank)

  • 2004 “When The chip of acres down” (Lloyd bank feat. The Game)

Duets - The finally Chapter (of The Notorious B.I.G.)

Late Registration (of Kanye west)

  • 2005 “Crack music” (Kanye west feat. The Game)

Street status (of Stat Quo)

  • 2005 “Bottom LINE” (Stat Quo feat. The Game)

The measure acre (of 50 cent)

The Naked Truth (of Lil' Kim)

  • 2005 “Quiet” (Lil' Kim feat. The Game)

TP.3 Reloaded (of R. Kelly)

  • 2005 “Playa's Only” (R. Kelly feat. The Game)

Unpredictable (of Jamie Foxx)

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