The Office

The Office is written and turned a British television Comedy series, from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The Erstausstrahlung was on BBC Two in Great Britain to 30. August 2001.

Altogether 2001 and 2002 per a relay were radiated with in each case six consequences and 2003 a Christmas Special with two consequences.

The series is put on in the style of a long-term documentation, with which vorgeblich the life in an open-plan office of the paper wholesale firm Wernham Hogg in Slough is to be documented. Scenes from the office everyday life with single " interview " the leading actor alternate.

Table of contents

main persons

  • David Brent, the boss of the office, that his qualities as guidance personality and entertainers excessively overrates (easily of the CO author Ricky Gervais)
  • Gareth Keenan, its saliva speichellecker and luggage carrier. Because of its membership in the end of workday army territorially Army is it target of the jokes of
  • Dawn Tinsley, which receipt lady, and its colleague
  • Tim Canterbury, a rather frustrated specialist, who is unfortunately in love with the Dawn already assigned, which is based on mutuality.
  • Chris Finch, field representative of Wernham Hogg, woman Mrs. and master in telling zotiger jokes, buddies and unequalled model David Brent
  • Neil Godwin and Jennifer Taylor Clark, Brents superior, those its management style amused to angewidert are
  • Keith, a fülliger, word-meager accountant and DJ with a preference for Scotch Eggs


  • relay 1
    • Downsize (30. August 2001)
    • Work Experience (6. September 2001)
    • The Quiz (13. September 2001)
    • Training (20. September 2001]
    • New Girl (27. September 2001)
    • Judgment (4. October 2001)
  • Relay 2 (the consequences are not designated)
    • consequence 1 (30. September 2002)
    • Consequence 2 (7. October 2002)
    • Consequence 3 (14. October 2002)
    • Consequence 4 (21. October 2002)
    • Consequence 5 (28. October 2002)
    • Consequence 6 (4. November 2002)
  • Christmas Special:
    • Consequence 1 (26. December 2003)
    • Consequence 2 (27. December 2003)

honors and Remakes

silver rose of Montreux

2003 was distinguished The Office with the silver rose of Montreux in the category Sitcom.

golden Globes in

January 2004 The Office one won two golden Globe as “the best TV-series in the category musical or referred Comedy” and thereby different nominated one to the places, under it Arrested development, Monk, Sex and The town center and wants & Grace. Thus for the first time a British TV-series received this honor. Ricky Gervais won Globe for the “best main role in a TV-series of the category musical or Comedy” for The Office in addition one golden.

current mountain

clear one parallel to The Office exhibits the German TV serial current mountain . The series produced by Brainpool started 2004 with eight consequences on pro filters , 2005 a further relay with ten consequences was produced. After the BBC recognized the similarities in October 2004 to current mountain and reserved themselves legal steps, extended Brainpool to the second relay in September 2005 remove around the additive: “Inspired by the UK BBC of series „The Office “created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant”.

The Office: At American Workplace

after the British original series of two golden Globes had won, became an American version of The Office produced, which was bought by NBC and in the year 2005 to be sent was. The title is The Office: At American Workplace, which became scene shifted from Slough to Scranton , Pennsylvania. NBC describes it as somewhat the faster version than the original. The Macher Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant has say at the new series, is otherwise however involved.

All roles of the new series are occupied with relatively unknown American actors:

  • Michael Scott (David Brent), easily of Steve Carell
  • Jim Halpert (Tim Canterbury), easily of John Krasinski
  • Pam Beesley (Dawn Tinsley), easily of Jenna Fischer
  • Dwight Schrute (Gareth Keenan), play of Rainn Wilson
  • Ryan Howard (Neil Godwin), easily of B. J. Novak.

Steve Carell was nominated 2006 as best leading actors in a series (comedy/musical) for golden the Globe.

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