The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
establishment: 1962
category: Skirt
initial members
singing: Mick Jagger
bass: Thickly Taylor (1962)
guitar: Keith Richards
guitar: Brian Jones (until 1969)
Schlagzeug: Mick Avory (until 1963)
Piano: Ian Stewart (until 1985)
further one former members
bass: Bill Wyman (1962 - 1993)
guitar: Mick Taylor (1969 - 1975)
current occupation
singing: Mick Jagger
bass: Daryl Jones (no official Stone)
guitar: Keith Richards
guitar: Ron Wood (since 1975)
(official member since 1993)
Schlagzeug: Charlie of Watt (since 1963)

The Rolling Stones are British volume. It was based 1962 as Rhythm and Blues - Combo - by itself three of the five volume members of Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated split off, to which they belonged and became as firmly engaged guest musicians - in the course of the next ten years to one of the most important and most successful groups of skirts of the world. In the sixties they were established by their excessive life change as “bath boys” the music scene andstood because of several criminal procedures in different countries due to drug offenses quite often before career from. They got however their problems into the grasp, withdrew themselves artistically gradually to a pure Entertainment position and enjoy meanwhile their status as “the serve-oldest skirt volume of the world”.

Table of contents


1961 - 1967

Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Keith Richardstingelten at the beginning of their career (1961) by various jazz - clubs and lived from hand to mouth. They had their first appearance under the name Rollin' Stones in occupation Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, thickly Taylor (later with The PrettyThings), Ian Stewart and Mick Avory (later with The Kinks) to 12. July 1962 in the Marquee club. The volume announced for this evening failed and the Stones received its chance. Brian Jones had itself with the name Rolling Stones (original Rollin' Stones) by a Song of Muddy Waters to inspire leave. Then the bassist Bill Wyman and the Jazzschlagzeuger Charlie of Watt a little later pushed to volume.

At first the Rolling Stones from the repertoire availed itself of US-American Bluesmusiker, like e.g. Muddy Waters, Howlin' wolf, JohnLee Hooker and above all Chuck Berry. Her manager at that time Andrew Loog Oldham wanted to develop the Stones as „badly “version of the Beatles and stylized her at first than “Droogs”, juvenile criminal ones from Anthony Burgess 'novel A Clockwork orange.

From marketing reasons Jagger became andRichards of Oldham also pushed to write own Songs. If the first two Nummer-1-Hits were in England still foreign composition (“It's universe Over Now” about Bobby Womack and “Little talk Rooster” about Willie Dixon), soon own titles followed. Their first wrote No. 1 in England became“The load Time” in the spring 1965. In the summer of the same yearly “(I Can't GET NO) Satisfaction “followed, which help the Stones to the world-wide break-through and the same star status as the Beatles for them brought in. In the same year also still the single became “GET offOF My Cloud " publishes, which like the predecessor place 1 the UK and USA Charts reached. At the 11. Septembers of this yearly gave the Rollings Stones their first concert in Germany, in resound to cathedral country in Münster. The Rolling Stones was to date considered as inComparison to the Beatles' better live volume, then now also in puncto Songwriting a similar quality was certified to them as the Liverpoolern, so e.g. by the publication of the album Aftermath praised by the criticism 1966, which contained excluding own compositions. The Singles of the yearly was “19th Nervous BREAK down”/“As Tears Go By” (place reached 2 in the British Charts) and “Paint it Black”, which again an international number 1 became.

Also in January 1967 published single the “Let's donate the Night Together”/“Ruby Tuesday” reached foremost Chart positions, likewiseas to 20. January 1967 publishes album “Between the Buttons”. When the Stones 1967 had an appearance in OD Sullivan show, they had to change however the text of the song in “Let's donate Some Time Together”, in consideration of the well-known Prüderie of the Americans.Otherwise 1967 were the probably blackest year of the Stones. After a raid in Keith Richards' country house it and Jagger of drug possession were accused. With Jagger one found only relatively harmless tablets, which him a physician in Italy had used up, which were forbidden however in England.Both threatened detentions of several years. Due to one of the editor-in-chief “Time “wrote newspaper article (“Who BREAK A butterfly on A wheel? ”) however the public opinion changed, so that fines were only expressed. In addition the friendly musician colleagues the skirt volumes explained themselves The Who with themsolidary, by taking up and as single publishing the Stones Songs “The load Time” and “Under My Thumb”. Mick Jagger spent one night in the prison at the beginning of the determinations and is to the Song “2000 light years from home” there to have written.

To 18. August 1967 publishedthe Stones the single “incoming goods Love You”. The Song begins with the Zuknallen of a cell door.John Lennon and Paul McCartney participate in the Backgroundchor.

Apart from the January publications 1967 were also musical no very successful year. In the driving water of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club volumethe Beatles and the spirit of the time the Stones meant following to have to bring also a psychedelisches album out.Their Satanic Majesties Request applies for that until today as rather weak and atypical album volume, although it with “2000 Light Years From Home” and “She's A Rainbow” of two classical authorscontains.

===1968 - 2005

1968 were again steeply upward. With “Jumpin' Jack Flash “was published a Rockhymne par excellence, which contains all style elements of a classical Stones Songs and which let rumors of the approaching career end grow silent: a einprägsames guitar reef, pressureful bass runs, bone-dry Drums andMick Jaggers voice with their typically snobistischen Cockney accent. At the end of of 1968 is published with Beggars Banquet an album, which many call one best that the volumes. The LP contains again the long-proven added: classical Country Blues and Rhythm & Blues, as well as Rocksongs, inRun of the years hymns became, like e.g. “Street Fighting one” or “Sympathy For The Devil”.

On 11-December 1968 of the Rolling Stones skirt and roll Circus took place in London. It concerned thereby a show which was noted for the television. To the R&R Circusthe Stones loaded among other things John Lennon, The Who, Jethro Tull and Taj Mahal. The R&R Circus (with Feuerschlucker and kindists) was not shown in the television, since the Stones was alleged the opinion that its appearance failed opposite the show of The Who clearly more weakly. 1995the Rolling Stones skirt and roll Circus was published as video (and also as CD).

Due to the personal problems of Jagger, Richards and in particular Brian Jones, which was already longer physical due to its strong drug consumption in no good condition, the Stones had already since 21/2 years no more concert given. Therefore the vorbestrafte Jones left to 5. June 1969 on urge of Jagger and Richards the group. It planned to create new volume, but in addition it did not come any longer. At the 3. It drowned to July 1969 under until todayunsettled circumstances with a party in its pool. Two days later for the introduction of the new guitarist Mick Taylor - he came by John of May universe Bluesbreakers - planned the Free Concert in the Londoner Hydepark turned out in such a way for commemoration ceremony for Brian Jones. (Or to a marketing meeting, neverthelessonly two the Stones went on Jones funeral.) in November 1969 with Let it to Bleed the next album published, which with “Gimme Shelter “and “Midnight Rambler” two the perhaps best Stones Songs exhibits. In the same month one began after the mentioned two and a half-year old Bühnenabstinenzumjubelte US tour. Excluding positive impressions of this tour 6 became by the events in the northCalifornia Altamont, to. December 1969 clouded. With this badly organized Free Concert, that as Gegenveranstaltung to the Woodstock festival was planned and at that and. A. Santana and Jefferson airplane participated,four humans died. The 18-jährige Meredith Hunter became, while the Stones “Under played my Thumb”, by one the Hells Angels angeheuerten as files directly before the stage erstochen. This incident marked the end of the Love and Peace generation.

The Stones began beginning of the 1970er,their old roots to get rid of, because the disk contract with Decca record ran out itself and was not extended, and one separated from manager all small (the appropriate law cases dragged on over several years). Actually the Stones was in this time nearly broke, therethe rights at all pieces until today with Decca, published up to then, lie. Due to the high tax burdens in England the Stones shifted its domiciles after Southern France and based in a kind role of the pioneer their own disk label:Rolling Stones record - with in the meantime world-well-known red tongue- in all other respects against landläufiger opinion of Andy do not be-get, but became of John Pasche designed - as brand name. Thus the perfect independence from the large disk companies was reached, and the rights all following publications were to volume with that, whereby itself thosefinancial situation of the five musicians, v.a. but the two Songwriter Jagger and Richards, fast improved. Although Mick Jagger spent less and less time with his volume colleagues, since he became gradually the member international jet set, it ran in music further shining: In April 1971 became Sticky of finger publishes, which contained two classical authors with the rockigen “Brown Sugar” and the Ballade “game Horses” again. For new impulses meanwhile firmly the Mick Taylor, that integrated into the volume provided in the review as the best relating to crafts all Stones guitarist applies (“Sway”, “Can't You HearME Knocking ", “Moonlight Mile”), but at most stings it out by a outstanding merging of the Songs on the plate.

In the cellar by Keith Richards rented of the mansion Nellcôte in the Southern French Villefranche as well as in Studios in Los Angeles and London developed the next classical author of exiles onMain Street, a double album, which of the criticism due to to rauen initially and incompletely working sounds to tear became. In contrast to this nowadays the straight Urwüchsigkeit due to the dilettante production style becomes estimated and raises the album with many fans to the artistic high point that volume.

Work on []

1973 - 1983

the world tour of the years 1972/1973 tied to the success of the grandiosen double album and showed the true strength and a being able of the Stones, which proved her again and again into today's time on the new. However they played into thatThe USA 1972 with each concert nearly the same Songs, certainly highly professionally and on the high point of their Könnens; for example Mick Taylor with its Gitarrensoli in the Blues “Love particularly shone in vain”. On the US tour 1972 the concert film Ladies and became in Fort Worth and in PhiladelphiaGentlemen, the Rolling Stones turned, which however never came into the cinemas. In this film Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are moved strong into the center, while Bill Wyman in no large admission is to be seen. An unofficial film, Cocksucker Blues, was not published likewise,since it shows the tour life ungeschminkt with Sex and drug scenes and therefore for a broad public as unsuitable appeared. Particularly the European tour 1973 is considered as absolute high point of the Rolling Stones Konzertkarriere. In Brussels to 17. October taken up live-album appeared never official and circulates only as farspread robbery pressing. It is considered generally as the best live-admission at all.

To the European tour 1973 the album Goats Head Soup had appeared, which was classified at that time as weak. In the review it did not correspond simply to the standard of the four predecessor albums. In the complete work of the Stones it takes nevertheless onehigh position, and that not only, because it contained one of its largest hits with “Angie”. The two next albums It's only Rock'n roll 1974 and Black and Blue 1976 (for the first time with Ron Wood of the Faces) instructed a certain lackInspiration up.

The Stones was noticeable since end of the sixties as volume not only by its music, but also by their scandals. Particularly Keith Richards made by its drug consumption of itself talks. Center of the 1970er - years it only one question of the time seemed tooits whether it would follow Brian Jones , Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison. Its relationship with the Swedish ex-Model Anita Pallenberg, which was likewise strongly heroin dependent, seemed to pull it also into the depth. Thus afterwards the arrest in Toronto appeared because of drug possession inYear 1977 as heilsamer shock for Richards. In connection with the following process, with which him up to seven years detention threatened, he said himself finally of heroin loosely. He was condemned to a fine and gave due to an edition of the court for a blind donation(Canadian national institutes for the blind - CNIB) 1979 in Oshawa, Canada, a free concert with hasty arranged volume a new Barbarians and with the Rolling Stones. Also in the group it gave in the meantime changes: 1975 left the virtuose guitarist Mick Taylor the group.Ron Wood, its successor, exhibits not the same Virtuosität as Mick Taylor, does not fit however due to its integrativen, merry character substantially better into the volume structure.

However the Rolling Stones on the gigantically produced US tour played 1975 in such a manner badly that some critics already the end thatGroup to come saw. The imprecise singing of Mick Jagger fell also on the European tour 1976 negatively on (for example on the official live-double album Love You live one). In this time Mick Jagger - like many other artists, for example David Bowie - lived his androgynes image tostrongest out.

The rauere guitar play Woods became also apparent in the music of the Stones and found its high point in the masterpiece last for many critics Some Girls, which appeared 1978 as answer on the Punkbewegung present at the high point. It contains everything thata classical Stonesalbum constitutes: einprägsame of guitar reef with strong Blueswurzeln, anzügliche chauvinististic texts and an ingenious, protests releasing Cover. The outgoing 1970er is again characterized of a large creativity. In this time many Songs, still the basis for the following three albums develop Emotional Rescue 1980, Tattoo You 1981 and Undercover OF the Night 1983 formed.

Followed nearly already automatically the publications of Some Girls and Tattoo You US tours; the concerts took place mostly only in stages. From the 81er route comes also inJune 1982 published album quiet would run. In the summer 1982 there were appearances for the first time since 1976 also again that volume in Europe.

1983 - 1986

into the 1980ern came it to tensions within that volume, and some members started solo projects. Thus publishedJagger the albums She's The Boss (February 1985) and primitive one cool one (15. September 1987) and made itself independent also with a tour, in whose process it played however mainly Stones pieces. Thereupon Keith Richards created volume likewise: The Expensive Winos, andwent likewise on tour. During this phase however nevertheless still another new album developed for that volume:Dirty Work. This album dedicated those to volume its pianist and initial member of many years Ian Stewart, to 12. December 1985 surprisingly at the age of 47 years at a cardiac infarcthad deceased.

1987 until today

with the admission that volume into the skirt and roll resound to OF Fame to 18. All disputes were terminated January 1989. Here again the guitarist Mick Taylor with that arose to volume. The Stones took inWithin two weeks the album Steel Wheels up and 31 started May to. August 1989 after a route break of seven years again once to a world tour, those in the USA under the title Steel Wheels and in Europe under the title Urban Jungle extremelywas successful. Now the production of the concerts with window blind superstructures, inflatable dolls, video walls and light effects reached their high point and stood at least equivalently apart from the music. The album Flashpoint published in the Apirl 1991 contained also 2 new Studioaufnahmen beside live-photographs of the 89/90-ger route: Highwire and Sexdrive.

ThoseConcerts began to become uniform; each evening the same Songs were played.1993 left the bassist Bill Wyman the volume for personal reasons, the Stones were only too fourth. On the following plates and tours the bassist Darryl Jones played, however not as officialVolume member applies.

The Stones continued its successful world tours. In enormous stages they arose and celebrated triumphs. The Gigantomanie and the perfectionism of these completely organized large tours suffocated any Spontanität according to opinion of many fans however. Also the extremely thorough marketing of these tours (e.g. Sponsoring throughVolkswagen 1994) encountered criticism.

1994 took place the Voodoo Lounge tour . 1998 followed the Bridges ton Babylon route approximately and to the 40-jährigen existence that volume 2002/ 03 the Forty Licks route around the world. However they went 2002 for the first time since 1975Tour, without an album to promoten, new into whole ones. Only four new TRACKs (among other things “Don't stop”) contained the double CD Forty Licks. On this album Songs of the Stones are for the first time contained also from the DEK approx. time.

Although the repertoire out altogether over 100 titles each evening modifiedbecame, were nevertheless the old, large hits, which tightened the public. For the first time since the early 1970erjahren the Rolling Stones played no longer only in stages, but again and again even in smaller resounding and select club, for example in the “circus crown building” in Munich. Songs from this and other umjubelten concerts are contained on the DVD box “Four Flicks”, which describes different shows of the tour on four DVDs. The DVD “Sarstock” appeared additional as documentation to date world largest commercial skirt open airs in the Downsview park Toronto, at thatthe volume at the end of of July 2003 between two appearances in Europe for the support of their favourite city after the SARS epidemic disease participated.

To 10. The Stones quit May 2005 on the occasion of a mini concert before hundreds of fans and journalists at the place before the New Yorker Juilliard college of music a new world touron, then to 21. August 2005 in bad clay/tone started. Charlie of Watt called this the last route of the Stones, which Jagger however immediately disclaimed: “We the well-informed last route not on”. The title “Oh NO, emergency You Again” from the first Studioalbum since Bridgeston of Babylon (1997) became with the concert to 10. May 2005 for the first time the broad public presented. For the route start at the 22.August 2005 the single “Streets OF Love” was published, the album A Bigger fears for appeared to 5. September 2005.

The largest concert of the Stones found to 18.February 2006 in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro instead of. Approximately 1.2 million spectator pushed itself at the beach of the quarter Copacabana before a monströsen stage. The attendance of the concert was free, the city paid however 750,000 dollar for the appearance, that besides by sponsor fundsone financed.

In the context of the Bigger fear for route found to 8. April 2006 the first Stones concert in China instead of. Before 8.000 spectators in Shanghai (Grand of steam turbine and gas turbine systems) the group did requests of the Chinese government without playing Songs with sexistischen allusions („Honky Tonk Women “, „Brown Sugar “,„To Let's donate the night more together “).

The rather strangely seeming publication politics of the group are remarkable. Until today there is no total expenditure of its musical work for instance in form of a multiple CD box, which contains also unveröffentliche pieces, like it z. B. by The Who with maximum R&B one submitted.With the publication of Forty Licks in the year 2002 are contained for the first time the most well-known Songs from both epochs ( with 1964 - 1970 and after 1971 - today). The 2005 do not publish album Rarities contained likewise the straight rare pieces expected by the fans. On thoseFrom the 60-ger years one will probably wait publication of BBC sessions further in vain.

Also nearly all live-plates are never completely live taken up. Many Songs are afterwards by mixing (Overdubs) and working on in such a manner changed that it partly the concert situation onlyshow limited. Nevertheless GET of yer Ya-Yas applies out than one of the best skirt live albums.


note: With the Veröffenlichungen indicated here it does not act exclusively around albums also at the time of the appearance new material that volume or live albums, Sampler. Up toPublication of Their Satanic Majesties Request by the disk company of the Rolling Stones different in each case versions of the plates for the markets the USA and Great Britain were produced. Exclusively for the German market the plate Around & Around was produced and published in September 1964.

By this allocationinto different markets US and UK-plates up to the album Between the Buttons differ easily.

The table is to make an overview possible:

Date UK-publications US publications
April 1964 The Rolling Stones
May 1964 The Rolling Stones: England's Newest hit Makers
October 1964 12 x 5
January 1965 No. 2
February 1965 Now
July 1965 Out OF Our Heads
September 1965 Out OF Our Heads
November 1965 December's Children
April 1966 Aftermath
May 1966 Aftermath
November 1966 Got live If You Want It!
January 1967 Between the Buttons Between the Buttons
November 1967 Their Satanic Majesties Request
November 1968 Beggars Banquet
November 1969 Let Bleed September
1970 GET Yer Ya's Ya's Out April
1971 Sticky of finger it
May of 1972 exiles on Main Street
August 1973 Goats Head Soup
October 1974 It's only Rock'n roll
June 1975 Metamorphosis
April 1976 Black and Blue
September 1977 Love You live
June 1978 Some Girls
June 1980 emotional Rescue
August 1981 Tattoo You
November 1983 Undercover
March 1986 Dirty Work
August 1989 Steel Wheels
April 1991 Flashpoint
July 1994 Voodoo Lounge
November 1995 Stripped
October 1996 Skirt and roll Circus
September 1997 Bridges tons of Babylon
October 1998 NO Security
September 2002 Forty Licks (Best OF album with 4 new titles)
November 2004 live Licks
September 2005 A Bigger fear for
November 2005 Rarities 1971-2003

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