The Sphere

Die von den Anschlägen gezeichnete Skulptur
the sculpture The Sphere -

a globe from 52 bronze segments on a steel stand -, drawn by the notices, is a work of art of the German sculptor Fritz king (*1924) from Ganslberg with land hat, which was dedicated to the “world peace originally on the World trade center Plaza in New York town center and by trade “.

The sculpture, which as spreading unit the “haven Authority OF New York and developed for new jersey “ from 1967 to 1971 in Ganslberg and was finalinstalled in Bremen, actually carries the name “large Kugelkaryatide “, which did not intersperse itself with that new Yorkern however. They called the ball simply only “The Sphere “. The largest bronze sculpture of the modern times originally weighed over two tons, was 7.60 m high and had a diameter of 4,60 M. It crowned, within 24 hours imperceptibly once around its axle turning, a well plant in the center of the World trade center Plaza, and was a popular meeting place of the New Yorker ones.

By the notices of the 11. September 2001 lost the monument its traditional place and stands since that for 11. March 2002 as temporary memorial in the Battery park at the south point Manhattans, removed not far. The gold-resplendent work of art that damages the notices, got over but in substantial parts, of that new Yorkern since the notices also as “9/11 “is designated. Many member of victims friends think of their deceased at the work of art used and.

A bronze board before the ball carries the following inscription: “For three decades, this sculpture stood World trade center the into the plaza OF. Entitled “The Sphere”, it which conceived by artist Fritz king as A symbol OF world peace. It which damaged during the tragic terrorist attacks OF Septembers 11, 2001, but endures as on icon OF hope and the indestructible mirror-image-guessed/advised OF humanity. The sphere which placed here on March 11, 2002 in MEMORY OF all who draws their to live ton terrorist attacks RK the World trade center. This eternal Fleming which ignited on Septembers 11, 2002 in honor OF all those who where draws. Their mirror-image-guessed/advised and sacrifice wants more never forgotten. “ The last two sentences describe a flame, which was set up there and kindled on anniversary in the year 2002.

The German director Percy Adlon shows in his documentary film of “king ball. The German sculptor Fritz king in the rubble field of Ground Zero " (English. Title “Koenig's Sphere”) of 2001/02 the remeeting of the artist with its strongly damaged work of art few months after the notices of the 11. September 2001 and the list as memorial. Fritz king remembers the emergence of the Kugelkaryatide and philosophy ore over Vergänglichkeit and the transformation of art in view of this human tragedy: “It was a sculpture, now is it a monument. Now it has another beauty, one, which I could never introduce myself. It has now its own life - another than that, which I gave her ".

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