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The Sweet was the commercially most successful Glam skirt - group of the 70's. It originated from the English Middlesex, originally called themselves Sweet Shop and arose until 1970 with Motown - to copies in discotheques .

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4,2 albums 5 Web on the left of [work on] way to success after first unsuccessful disk photographs and a quit disk contract in the Studio. With a series of hit Konfektionsware from the feather/spring of Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, which put the foundation-stone of its unparalleled hit dominance with the hits for The Sweet into the 70ern, succeeded to the group the entrance into the German Charts. Already the second single of this co-operation, CO-CO, landed into the German Charts at place 1(GB 2). After the similarly poppigen Singles TIG Wam Bam, Poppa Joe and Little Willy was given to them starting from 1973 a harder, image up-to-date than Glamrock volume together with appropriate hit material. Now on the fashionable height of the time they landed the 1973 completely with Blockbuster,largest success for Sweet in Great Britain, brightly Raiser, Ballroom lightning, dte-gnaw RAM PAGE and turn it down a series of quite similarly sounding skirt hymns, which aufgepeppt with sirens and clap of thunder, all together the points of the Charts reached.

Similarly as later for instance Frankie of goes tonHollywood were The Sweet, without being able to determine their musical abilities actually, long time a ball of the music industry. Critic of the writing guild stated, The Sweet being correct the instruments than the correct Outfit was less important. With their Vokuhila pulled in the face - hair-styles appearedthe quartet like a modern version of the Beatles. The musicians were large fans of The Who, which can be after-heard for example on albums such as Desolation boulevard.

In the future success left volume to that somewhat, and the volume members wanted itself also strengthened alsoown Songs bring in. According to further hits such as Fox on the run or The Six Teens separated The Sweet from the authors Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, in order to be established than skirt volume. The volume brought further LPs to the disk company after a change such as GiveUS A sign and level Headed out. From the latter originates the single Love Is Like Oxygen, which reached 1978 the Top Ten in Germany and Great Britain. Altogether The Sweet in Germany had 16 hits in the Top Ten, of those eight titles firstReserved seat (GB: 11x Top 10; 1x number 1).

Finally classical volume occupation broke also because of the alcohol-conditioned bad state of health of the singer Brian Connolly. It left those volume 1979 and the remaining members brought out the quite unsuccessful LP CUT Above The remainder .

original occupation

  • Brian Connolly singing: (Brian Francis Connolly) *5. October 1945 in Glasgow, Scotland; † 9. February 1997). It died in a Londoner hospital on at the consequences of a cardiac infarct.
  • Andy Scott, guitar: (Andrew David Scott) (* 30. June 1949in Wrexham, Wales) replaced 1970 Mick Stewart. It plays still with The Sweet and is thereby the only from that original volume.
  • Steve praised, bass: (Stephen Norman praised) (* 23. February 1948 in Hayes). After Brian Connolly had left the group, took over praised1979 also the singing part. Later it went into the USA and terminated its musical career.
  • Mick Tucker, Schlagzeug: (Michael Thomas Tucker) (17. July 1947 in London, † 14. February 2002 in Wellwyn guards town center, heart-Ford-almost) left the group of 1991. He deceased 2002after long illness at the consequences of leukaemia.

The Sweet today

The Sweet is also this very day on the way as Andy Scott's Sweet and plays the live pieces of the 70's, although with other occupation. Under the title “Brian Connolly's Sweet”appeared CD with Remixes of Julian a Beeston and volume such as Alien Sex Fiend and the Krupps.



  • Slow Motion (1969)
  • Lollipop one (1970)
  • universe You'll Ever GET From ME (1970)
  • GET on The LINE (1970)
  • FunnyFunny (1971) # 5. in D
  • CO-CO (1971) # 1. in D
  • Alexander Graham Bell (1971) # 24. in D
  • Poppa Joe (1972) # 3. in D
  • Little Willy (1972) # 1. in D
  • TIG Wam Bam (1972) # 1. in D
  • Blockbuster (1973) #1. in D
  • brightly Raiser (1973) # 1. in D
  • Ballroom lightning (1973) # 1. in D
  • dte-gnaw RAM PAGE (1974) # 1. in D
  • The Sixteens (1974) # 4. in D
  • turn it down (1974) # 4. in D
  • Fox on the run (1975) #1. in D
  • Action (1975) # 2. in D
  • The read in your Eyes (1976) # 5. in D
  • Healer (1976)
  • draws to Angels (1976) # 13. in D
  • Fever OF love (1977) # 9. in D
  • Stairway ton the of star (1977) # 15. in D
  • Love is like Oxygen (1977) # 10. in D
  • California Nights (1978) # 23. in D
  • call ME (1979) # 29. in D
  • Give the lady some respect (1980)
  • Sixties one (1980)


  • Gimme Dat thing (common LP with “The Pipkins“) (1971)
  • Funny How Sweet CO-CO CAN (November 1971)
  • Great of ball OF Fire (1971)
  • Biggest hit (1972)
  • Poppa Joe (1972)
  • Sweet Fanny Adam (April 1974)
  • Desolation boulevard (November 1974)
  • Strung UP (double album) (November 1975)
  • Sweet Singles album (1975)
  • Give US A sign(March 1976)
  • golden Greats (1977)
  • Off The record (April 1977)
  • 10 Years on Top - takeoffs (1978)
  • Level Headed (January 1978)
  • CUT Above The remainder (October 1979)
  • Water's Edge (1980)
  • Identity Crisis (November 1982)

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