The many situation of Voice

The many situation of Voice is a New Yorker weekly paper, which publishes investigative articles, analyses of current political developments and culture, art criticisms as well as meeting references for New York town center. It was first and is probably still the most well-known publications of the called alternative weeklies.

The Voice was created in the autumn 1955 by Dan wolf, OD Fancher and Norman Mailer. It published and reported innovative investigativen journalism to the urban policy of New York town center on local like national policy as well as on the arts, culture, music, dance, film and theatre. An influential music list, admits as “Pazz & Jop “each year from “top ten” from music critics of the whole country provided.

For the Voice many well-known writers wrote, under other Ezra Pound, Henry Miller, Katherine Anne Porter, James Baldwin, e. e. cummings, Nat Hentoff, Ted Hoagland, Tom stop pool of broadcasting corporations, Lorraine Hansberry, Jerry Tallmer, all Ginsberg, Murray Kempton, I.F. Stone, Pete Hamill, Michael Musto, and Roger Wilkins.

Among the former publishers Dan wolf, Clay Felker, Tom Morgan, Marianne Partridge, David Schneiderman, Robert Friedman, Marty rank God-dear, Jonathan Larsen, and Karen Durbin.

Among the competitors of the Voice in New York town center press , New York Observer , and Time Out New York rank New York. After one had to pay for many decades for the Voice, the competition pressure the free New York has presses led to the fact that the Voice is also free since the late nineties. Their edition was 2004 with 260.000. [1]

The many situation of Voice is added politically to that linking.

Some newspapers in the USA belong the Voice: Town center Pages (Minneapolis sp. Paul), L.A. Weekly, Nashville Scene, degrees of Weekly, and Seattle Weekly.

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