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The roll Disney company (WDC), colloquially mostly Disney mentioned, is an US-American medium company with seat in Burbank, California. The company was created as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (1923) and rolls Disney Productions (~ 1930) from the brothers roll and Roy Disney. To 6. February 1986 it renamed in The roll Disney company.

The WDC is one of the largest maintenance companies of the world. To the WDC belong among other things those roll Disney of Studios, one of the three largest television stations of the USA, the American Broadcasting company (ABC), the Disneyland - topic parks and the three section channels Disney Channel, Toon Disney and Playhouse Disney. Beyond that WDC participation in numerous Fernsehstationen holds, e.g. thatAmerican sport channel ESPN as well as 50% at the German transmitter super RTL. Also the NHL - Hockey - team of the Mighty Ducks OF Anaheim was created by the Disney company and led from this to June 2005.

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child films with Disney

Disney films were in former times the synonym more harmlessly, gladly also fantastischer and merry maintenance films. This results particularly from the films of the 1950er and 1960er years as well as the Zeichentrickfilmen. Here also frequently Kinderbücher were filmed or regenerated „adult novels “child-fairly (like the Glöckner of Notre Dame). Stories were partly placed to that thereby however into another connection, than this with the OrginalromanenCase was.

One of the artistically most interesting films from this production is the music film Fantasia (1940, direction: James Algar; continued as Fantasia 2000), with which the attempt is undertaken, examples of classical music of a recent public with the meansto visualize the Zeichentrickfilms. The Science Fiction - films of Disney production (the black hole and Tron) in addition, are less well-known, attained a certain cult status.

In order to achieve a grown-up public, the Studio created the production company into the 1980ern Touchstone, those first with comedies like the unbelievable kidnapping of the moved Mrs. Stone or Zoff in Beverly Hills of successes celebrated, meanwhile however its profile lost.

current developments

at the end of November 2003 left Roy Disney, Neffe andSon of the firm founders, and Stanley gold in the controversy with Michael Eisner, the head of the company of many years, the enterprise. They accuse to him, which and finances would suffer creativity from its style of leadership. A reproach, that by the break with Pixar furtherin weight wins: The last own productions (e.g.The treasure planet), economically as not successfully turned out, whereas last successful productions (Nemo or the monsters AG find) in co-operation with Pixar developed. In October 2005 Michael becomesEisner of its post displaces and from Robert A. Iger replaced.

The indication trick section, starting point and for many heart of the company, was closed at the end of of 2003. Attempts, with harmless Remakes of own films such as Flubber, Freaky Friday or continuations such as HerbieFully Loaded - a mad beetle starts through the successful past to attach, quite found their public, older young people and adult is in such a way than public however not to be won.

At the 11. February 2004 has the company Comcast the shareholdersby Disney a bid submits, in order to take over Disney for 66 billion US Dollar. At the end of April 2004 Comcast his offer again withdrew.

In January 2006 Disney Pixar transferred. So far Disney with Pixar had cooperated since 1991, co-operation should however still during the yearly 2006 run out. Before also critical tones of Steve became job, enterprise boss of Pixar, publicly, which pointed on the fact that one wanted to go own ways without Disney. After the guidance change at the end of of 2005 has itself the relationshipbut eases again and culminated in the assumption offer. Disney transferred Pixar in the context of a stock swap. Pixar is thus converted 7.4 billion dollar worth.

firm history

Wahrzeichen der Disneyland-Parks: Das Dornröschen-Schloss (hier im Disneyland Resort Paris)
landmark of the Disneyland parks: The Dornröschen lock (here in the Disneyland Resort Paris)
Modell der Nautilus im Disneyland Resort Paris im Jahre 1996
model thatNautilus in the Disneyland Resort Paris in the year 1996

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