The Way OF the Dragon

The Way OF the Dragon (Return OF drove the Dragon out) under the name, was the first film of the production company Concorde created by Bruce Lee. In the German cinemas this film under the title the death claw ran slams shut again.

Bruce Lee functioned not only as a leading actor, but was at the same time a director, film script author and Fighting Instructor. The Way OF the Dragon, to 30. December 1972 in Hong Kong premiere had, a world-wide success and to today as the best film Bruce Lees is acted. Because it does not only supply itself with with Chuck Norris in the Kolosseum of Rome to the probably best Filmfight of all times, but because Bruce also a part of its own life history into this film with let flow: as it itself - particularly in the entrance scenes - when stranger in it completely unknown a country must get along.


seaweed Lung, a young man from Hong Kong, travels to Rome, in order to assist a friend of the family there in the fight against a gangster gang, which tries with all means to take over their restaurant. After seaweed Lung struck the first racquet troops easy into the escape, the Gangsterboss in shape of an American and Japanese combat expert reinforcement gets itself. After seaweed Lung succeeds, waits the Japanese to make innocuous the American Colt for it in the Kolosseum of Rome, where it comes to the fight of the giants, with which at the end the justice will achieve the victory.


production: Concorde Productions

presentation: Golden Harvest

producer: Bruce Lee

Fighting Instructor: Bruce Lee

direction: Bruce Lee


Seaweed Lung…. Bruce Lee
Chen Chin…. Hua Nora Miao
Colt…. Chuck Norris
Ho…. Wei Ping Ao
uncle Wang…. Wang Chung hsin
Fred…. Bob barrier
among other things

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