The game Bunch - you did not know a law

film data
of German titles: The game Bunch - you did not know a law
original title: The game Bunch
production country: The USA
feature year: 1969
length (PAL - DVD): 139 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 18, in Dtl. lowered to 16
direction: SAM Peckinpah
film script: SAM Peckinpah,
Walon Green,
Roy N. Sickner
production: Phil Feldman
music: Jerry falling thing
camera: Lucien ball pool of broadcasting corporations
cut: Lou Lombardo

The game Bunch - you did not know a law are a Western of SAM Peckinpah.

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the film plays in the year 1914 during the Mexican revolution. The Outlaw Pike Bishop and its gang are outsiders. In the age of the first automobiles they ride on horses and instead of meaningful activities to still follow, rob them from banks out.

With an assault on the cash they come to the railway company into an ambush of scruplesless head money hunters. These are stated by Pikes ex buddy Deke Thornton, which is forced to this ambush. Briefly before the following shooting a parade of anti-alcoholics begins by the roads of the city. The parade leads past at the bank (in the Bishops gang is) and also the house, on whose roof the head money hunters are. With the shooting also innocent persons - under it women - die. Few also intentionally by the head money hunters are shot.

Pikes gang can escape, but the odyssey of full force began straight only. The head money hunters make themselves later to plunder majority innocent victims. To commit Thornton asks the leader the head money hunter (by the course were assigned), who the attack instructed, as it feels , in the name of the law crime.

At the end of the film it comes then to a Showdown, which entered film history. Pike and its men had that pitch to be not in time shot, in order to enter as legends history. Thus they provide for an outlet, which looks for its-same.

worth knowing

SAM Peckinpahs masterpiece is considered today as one the best and largest Western. But that was at the time at that time completely different. SAM Peckinpah to The game Bunch: America locks its eyes before hunger and the force; one must open the eyes for this America.

Already a scene during the Vorspanns refers to this critical basic attitude of the film: Children “play” with scorpios, which are kept imprisoned within a defined range, with ants to fight to have and by the children with sticks to lying be brought again and again. Thus the scorpios a chance do not have to escape. Later grass is put and ignited over the range. Scorpios and ants burn with alive body.

All the children with a Grinsen in their faces did this; they had one, not even badly, joy in killing. Already with the first shooting innocent men and women are killed intentionally by the “men of the law”. Thus extent, Sinnlosigkeit and the absurdity by force are shown.

And the question arises: There is the law only because of the force; or is there force only because of the “law”?

In addition Peckinpah stylizes the act of violence of its “heroes” to a Abgesang on the lonely ones and losing.


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Steadycam (Cologne), Nr.38 (July 1999), extensive dossier over the film.


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