Theatre at the Kärntnertor

the theatre at the Kärntnertor, also Kärntnertortheater, is a theatre in Vienna. It was built 1709 on behalf the Viennese of municipal authorities in the proximity of the former Kärnterntores of Beduzzi. An Italian play school opened the theatre, and in the following time many German and italienischsprachige performances were insziniert.

Until 1752 became it under imperial privilege claimant, which waived Maria Theresia, whereby the theatre was given again to municipal authorities.

1761 were destroyed the theatre by a fire and again developed by the yard architect Nikolaus Pacassi and inaugurated two years later than “imperial yard theatre”. Beginning 19. Of century exclusively ballet as well as Italian and German-language operas were specified. Of 1811 - 1814 were Ignaz Franz Castelli there yard theatre poets. In the following years the theatre was leased, until it came 1849 again under yard administration. 1870 were torn off it.

new theatre at the Kärntnertor

1959 to 1973 led the Kabarettist Gerhard Bronner a theatre under the name new theatre at the Kärntnertor, which was finally renamed into small comedy. 2003 were adjusted the enterprise for lack of public.

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