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of 2006 theatres at that Vienna (Papagenotor in the Millöckergasse
) theatres at that Vienna, front spar from to the Naschmarkt (Fellner & Helmer build by the office) - porch in this form 2005

the theatre at that Viennaa steeped in tradition theatre at the left vienna line is in the Viennese urban district Maria-helps.

The text poet of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart magic flute, Emanuel Schikaneder, was wealthy enough, in order to begin 1798 a large building of theatres after plans of Franz hunter. Vienna before the theatre is today and over it the food market Naschmarkt canalizes established (originally of Aschmarkt - Asch = milk buckets). The 1801 in the Empirestil completed building is outside today only to the Millöckergasse received, where the Papagenotor the designer as Papageno with its children as three boys in thatMagic flute shows.1805 lived Ludwig van Beethoven during the composition of its opera Fidelio some time in the building, that today an intending room furnished in the ground floor reminds.

From the outset was the theatre at Vienna place of premieres:

after pieces among other things ofNestroy followed the “golden Operettenzeit “with works of Johann bunch (son), later the “silver one” with Franz Lehár and Karl Millöcker than namhafteste representatives.

After that 2. World war served the house as alternate accomodation for the ensemble of the zerbombten Viennese state opera. Under Karl Böhm foundhere legendary performances of Mozart operas instead of, which were conserved partially also on records. It showed up already at that time again that the house for the operas of the Viennese classical period is ideally suitable.

In the past years the theatre attained new celebrity by musical - premieres. Starting from 1983was Peter wake director of the house, who led the musical here to the bloom. Under Peter wake arrived among other things also the musical Cats of Andrew Lloyd Webber here to 24. September 1983 for German first performance. While the psychoanalysis victory mouth Freuds taking up musical being pleased Diana of Eric Woolfson only limited success showed, became end of the 80's the musical Elizabeth von Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay a long-lasting phenomenon for many years and soon the most successful German-language musical of all times, with world-wide already more than 5 million visitors. The musical describes the lifeto the empress Elisabeth of Austria as dead dance and the grinding with death as „Happy end “. The resumption of the piece of success of Elizabeth in the autumn 2003, celebrated the Austrian post office with the limited edition of its own stamp. Likewise of Kunze/Levay the musical Mozart comes!, to 12. October 1999 in the theatre at that was uraufgeführt Vienna and played by May 2001. Mozart! to the “best musical 2000” one selected.

Since 1962 the theatre at that serves Vienna in the summer months annually also the Viennese fixed weeks as play place.

With the Mozart year 2006became the theatre at that Vienna again a play place for operas, in particular the Viennese classical period. The inauguration concert, to 8. January 2006, directed Plácido Domingo. While Viennese the opera public - that in size and building method for the classical Viennese opera perfectly suitableTheatre by musical rather saw - which expected change of use strained, means it on the other hand also a break with the long tradition than premiere theatres of the current, maintaining concert hall “abused” to a theatre of the care of tradition. The orchestra for opera productions are the Viennese Symphoniker.

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