Themistokles (* around 525 v. Chr., † 459 v. Chr. in magnesia) a field gentleman Athens was during the threat of Greece by the Perser.

Abbildung dem Themistokles zugeschrieben
Illustration the Themistokles attributed

supposed for the year in office 493 to 492 v. Chr. to the Archonten selected, Themistokles operated thoseExtension of the athenischen port in jetty from and the building of two hundred warships, whereby Athens ascended finally for the sea power of the Mediterranean area. To the strategist selected, Themistokles led this athenische fleet in the battle of salamis in the year 480 v. Chr. successfully against Xerxes I., its shipsit into the strait of salamis lured and made so not maneuverable.

As defense against the internal-Greek competitor Sparta let a Schutzmauer pull Themistokles around Athens. The reproach, the Spartaner Leonidas with the defense of the Thermopylen an assistance to come and those do not let this, have vorgeblichit led unnecessary giving up Athens to the Perser before the battle of salamis to the fact that it around 471 v. Chr. by the ostracism and condemned on operation Spartas was banished to death. Thereupon it fled to Persia, where it of king Artaxerxes I. as sowing RAP by Lampsakos and magnesia one used and one recompenced thus considering his achievements with salamis - of the opponent at that time -.

The straight battle with salamis was the cause for the fact that Themistokles, before it fell in disgrace were geweiht statues. The Themistokles Herme gefundende in the year 1939by Ostia might have been copied by an older statue.


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