Theo Lingen

Franz Theodor Schmitz (alias: Theo Lingen; * 10. June 1903 in Hanover; † 10. November 1978 in Vienna) was a GermanAustrian actor, director and a book author. It was married with the singer Marianne Zoff, the first Mrs. Bertolt Brechts.

Theo Lingen was son of a senior counsel. It visited the royal Goethe High School (predecessor of the Goethe school) in Hanover, which it left however without conclusion. With samples for a school performance in the boulevard theatre looking castle was discovered its schauspielerisches talent. The names of the birth city of its father, Lingen in the Ems country,it assumed as artist played 1922 at the residence theatre Hanover, 1923 in half, 1924 in Münster, 1926 in Recklinghausen. On the stage Theo Lingen acquired itself early the call of a superben Charakterkomikers, whose virtuos marionettenhafte POINT work was admired again and again.

The broadPublic became Theo Lingen however particularly as Filmkomiker admits. Altogether it participated in over 200 films. Together with Hans Moser it formed a very high-contrast pair in numerous films. Also in the films of Heinz resting man it worked frequently as important Nebendarsteller. Thosenäselnde voice was its brand name. Also it could very impressively with the ears wackeln. In and the seventies sixties one sees him frequently in Comedyserien such as Klimbim and Filmklamotten like the Lümmel of the first bank or the Remake of the Feuerzangenbowle. Itplayed also twice „the Sir David Lindsay “in the first Karl May films of the 1950er, once into the slave caravan (1958) and in the lion of Babylon (1959).

Since its wife of Jewish origin was and it applied thus with the Nazis in the third realm as „Jewish versippt “,which normally equaled a professional disqualification, Lingen with the thought played to go into the exile. It received however due to its popularity a special permission and could arise so further.1944 it shifted its domicile to Vienna. After the war Lingen officiated 1945 temporarily as a mayor inStrobl at the Wolfgang lake. Starting from 1948 it worked as a character actor at the Viennese castle theatre. As guest actors he was to be seen also on Theaterbühnen of the German Federal Republic again and again. Are legendary its Carl star home - roles under the direction of Rudolf Noelte.

That privately as uncommonly serious, quietly andwell read described Theo Lingen wrote that to 1942 published comedy “Johann”, that with it in a double role shortly thereafter from R. A. Stemmle was filmed, and in addition the telling volume „that cannot be true nevertheless “. Its daughter Ursula Lingen became likewise an actress. Theo Lingen died 1978 at the age of 75 years in Vienna. The city Vienna dedicated an honour grave on the Viennese central cemetery to the choice Viennese Theo Lingen.


Johann. Comedy in 3 documents. Berlin: Publishing house ancestor & Simrock, 1942. - As manuscript printed


  • M - A city looks for a murderer, 1931
  • the will of the Dr. Mabuse, 1933
  • small man - which now?, 1933
  • opera ring (= in the sunshine), 1936
  • dance on the volcano, 1938
  • the Indian tomb, 1938
  • the tiger of Eschnapur, 1938
  • Marguerite: 3, 1939 - also direction
  • opera ball, 1939
  • heart modern furnishes, 1940 - also direction
  • main thing lucky, 1940/1941 - direction
  • which happened at this night?, 1941 - also direction
  • Mrs. Luna, 1941 - also direction
  • dear comedy,1942 - also direction
  • mad night, 1942/1943 - also direction
  • Johann, 1942/1943 - also collecting main for the film script
  • it caught so harmlessly on, 1943/1944 - also direction and film script
  • the song of the nightingale, 1943 - also film script and direction
  • dear marriage,1944/1945 - also direction and film script
  • Philine, 1944/1949 - also direction
  • Viennese melodies, 1947 - direction
  • back and forth, 1947 - also direction and film script
  • by thick and thin, 1951 - also direction and film script
  • Heidi, 1952
  • Heidi and Peter, 1955
  • as I become film star?, 1955 - also direction
  • the Wirtin to the golden crown, 1955 - also direction
  • my aunt - your aunt, 1956
  • three men on a horse, 1957
  • the slave caravan, 1958
  • the lion of Babylon, 1959
  • Pension Schöller, 1960
  • the heaths of Kummerow and their merry capers, always
  • 1967 annoyance with the Paukern, 1968
  • to the devil with the Penne, 1968
  • Pepe, who swot-frighten, 1969
  • Hurra, the school burns!, 1969
  • we hau'n the Pauker into thosePan, 1970
  • the Feuerzangenbowle, 1970
  • mornings precipitates the school, 1971
  • amounted to insufficiently, 1972
  • the secret carrier, 1975

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