Theodor Fontane

Henri Theodor e Fontane (* 30. December 1819 in Neuruppin; † 20. September 1898 in Berlin) was a pharmacist and a German writer. He was a representative of poetic realism.

Theodor Fontane

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Henri Theodore Fontane became to 30. December of theYearly 1819 as a son of the pharmacist Louis Henri Fontane, which was from huguenot origin, in Neuruppin born. For the payment of gambling debts the father its pharmacy had to sell 1826, shortly thereafter drew the family 1827 after Swinemünde. After a shortIntermezzo at the there city school received Theodor Fontane when desired to its nut/mother private instruction from the father and from the house teachers of friendly families (1826 - 1832). From 1832 to 1833 it visited the High School in Neuruppin, afterwards stepped it intothe vocational school by Karl Friedrich Klöden in Berlin . it pulled 1834 to the half brother of his father, uncle August; 1835 it had its first meeting with his future Mrs. Emilie Rouanet grief. 1836 it broke the vocational school off and began trainingto the pharmacist.1839 published Fontane its first novella brothers and sisters love. After the conclusion of its teachings in the year 1840 Fontane began a place as a pharmacist assistant in castle (with Magdeburg) . The first poems developed.

Reference for Fontane of its1841 it got sick

to father , 1845 with typhoid fever, could recover however with its parents in Letschin again from the illness. When it was recovered, it worked as a pharmacist assistant first in Leipzig, afterwards in Dresden, finally inthe pharmacy of the father in Letschin. 1843 it was introduced by Bernhard von Lepel into the literary association tunnel over the Spree, in which it should remain from 1844 to 1865 member. Of the 1. April 1844 up to 31. Marchregularly it carried emperors Franz “its military service for 1845 out at the guard infantry regiment „as a one year's einjährig-Freiwilliger and became with the rank Corporal (NCO) to dismiss. In this time it undertook its first England journey put on on fourteen days on invitation of its schoolmate Hermann joke.

In the runthe yearly went it after a further work time in the paternal pharmacy to Berlin to the Polish pharmacy from Dr. Julius Eduard pit. To 8. December 1845 he got engaged with Emilie Rouanet grief. In March 1847 Fontane received its license to practise medicineas „pharmacists of first class “. In the following year fought to Fontane as revolutionary in the barricade fights in such a way specified. At this time four rather radical texts in the magazine citizen of Berlin developed newspaper-resound. Then he was employed in the hospital Bethanien and formedthere two Diakonissen out.

To 30. September 1849 it decided to give the occupation of pharmacist up completely and continue working as free writers. First political texts in the radical-democratic „Dresdens newspaper developed “. In this year to be first book was also published: Menand heroes. Eight Prussia songs. 1850 he married its Emilie Rouanet grief. They pulled together into a dwelling in Berlin. At first they had financial problems, since Theodor Fontane did not find employment. It became one year later by the cent ral place forPress affairs employed. For these it made journeys to London (1852 and 1855 - 1859).

1860 came its fifth child to the world. Its first son George died at a blind intestine break-through in light field 1887. The three sons following on it are briefly in each case after the birth died. The fifth child was its only daughter named Martha (Mete).1864 came finally its last son, Friedrich, to the world. In the same year Fontane traveled to Copenhagen, where he wrote over the war. Off 1870 worked Fontane as a theatre critic. In the same year it took vacation, in order to visit the theater Paris. There he was falsely arrested as a feeler gauge, released however shortly thereafter again. Between 1874 and 1876 Fontane with its wife undertook various journeysto Austria, Italy and into Switzerland.

Grave of Theodor Fontane

at the end of these journeys it decided not to write any longer for a newspaper instead it wanted to live again as free writers. Since then it wrote numerous texts,until it 1892 at a heavy brain anemia got sick. The physician guessed/advised him to write its childhood memories down in order to divert itself from the illness. This succeeded also. Afterwards it continued to write constantly, to it 20. September 1898 in Berlin died. As a memberit was buried on the cemetery II of the French municipality to Berlin in Berlin center.

over the work

Fontane is considered as the outstanding representative of civil realism in Germany. In its novels he succeeds again and again, thosePersons by the description of their outside feature to characterize by their environment and in particular by their speech way. Typically for it a maintained Konversation is in an final circle, about a Festessen, where the persons follow on the one hand only social conventions andon the other hand their true interests reveal - often against its own will. Fontane of a criticism often comes at individuals to an implicit society criticism. Remarkably at Fontanes write style is in addition also its ironical humor.


Theodor Fontanewrote many different texts. It wrote beside literary works also as a journalist (particularly for the cross newspaper and 1842 Shakespeares Hamlettranslated). In addition still dramas , poems , Biografien , war books , letters , diaries , theatre criticisms came, Newspaper article and writings by program.

An extended list of its works is with Wikisource: To find Theodor Fontane.

novels, novellas and narrations

Balladen and poems

Fontane wrote over 250 poems, among them Balladen and sayings. For example:


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secondary literature

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