Theodor Kärner

Theodor Kärner (* 10. January 1884 in high mountain to the Eger; † 6. September 1966 in Munich) was a German Porzellanbildner and animal sculptor.

1898-1903 training as the Modelleur at the company Hutschenreuther. Afterwards Th visited. Kärner the sculptor class of professor Heinrich Waderé (1865-1950) as well as the class for decorative plastics of professor Anton Pruska (1846-1930) to kgl. Bavarian college of arts and crafts in Munich. Between 1914 and 1921 he was with the animal painter a professor Heinrich von Zügel (1850-1941) at the academy of the forming arts Munich as a guest listener, and later in evening classes inskribiert.
Modell No.13 D, Rosenthal, 1921
Model No.13 D, Rosenthal, 1921

since 1905 to 1918 he worked in fixed employment as a sculptor in the Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg in Munich. Between 1918 and 1934 then as free coworkers at the company Rosenthal in same. 1917 bought Philipp Rosenthal (1855-1937) the porcelain work at station same. Although belonging to the AG, it remained first private property of the company owner. Around 1922 there the production of art and Zierporzellan began in its entirety. Starting from this time Theodor Kärners might have to be counted there on the constant cooperation. With large probability it continued until well beyond 1934, although the sculptor had quit to the Hauptwerk in same already.

In the Porzellanmanufaktur alloh it was afterwards employed until 1945 as artistic leaders. The Porzellanmanufaktur alloh was at this time already an enterprise of the SS with branch office DAK-strikes. Theodor Kärner was raised there into the rank of a SS-Hauptsturmführers. To 20. April 1938 followed an appointment as the professor at the academy of the forming arts Munich. 1940 it participated in the large German art exhibition in „the house of the German art “in Munich. In the context of the Entnazifizierung it was arrested of 1945-1947 in the camp MOO brook.

After its dismissal Kärner was in the years 1947-1953 directors/conductors of the art department of the porcelain factory Eduard Haberländer in Windischeschenbach. There a part of the collection was taken over out alloh and continued to produce. Rosenthal busy Theodor Kärner 1953 again as a free coworker and transferred the art department from Windischeschenbach with all Allacher Kärner models, which were implemented up to the locking of the art department in same there in the same year.

Admits are at present from Thodor Kärner: 88 models for Nymphenburg, 114 models for Rosenthal and 51 models for alloh.


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