Theodor Svedberg

Theodor Svedberg (* 30. August 1884 in Valbo (with Gävle); † 26. February 1971 in Kopparberg) was a Swedish chemist.

It led above all research across colloids (solutions of finely distributed macromolecules, e.g. of proteins in water) through. In addition designedit ultra centrifuges, with which it could determine then among other things the molecule masses of proteins. Svedberg received the Nobelpreis for chemistry for its work over disperse systems in the year 1926. He discovered 1929 the Hämocyanin, the bluish colored, cupreous blood coloring material of low animals, thatas hemoglobin serves for oxygen transport.

After it is the deposit coefficient with the Svedberg - unit S designated, which indicates, with which speed large molecules or small particles in the acceleration field of an ultra centrifuge settle.


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