Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
caricature of Clifford K. Berryman
Theodore Roosevelt Denkmal vor dem  American Museum of Natural History in New York City
Theodore Roosevelt monument before the American museum OF Natural History in New York town center

Theodore Roosevelt [ˈ θ ɪədɔːˈɹəʊzvɛlt] (* 27. October 1858 in New York town center; † 6. January 1919 in Oyster Bay, New York) was since 1900 under William McKinley vice-president of the United States of America (the USA). After the deadly assassination attempt on McKinley 1901 Roosevelt became to 14. September at the age of 42Years president and thus the youngest owner of this office in American history. He was candidate of the republican party and was once red-elect, before he did to 1908 without a third term of office. Its successor was William H. Taffeta.

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training Theodor Roosevelt early

Web on the left of lives became 1858 in New York town center asSon of Theodore Roosevelt senior (22.9.1831 - 9.2.1878) and Martha Roosevelt, born Bulloch (8.7.1835 - 14.2.1884) born into a very wealthy and socially established family. Its father, who Netherlands-Jewish origin was, was a successful and internationally active businessman, the Rooseveltin his youth on many journeys to Europe and Egypt accompanied. Thus it stayed and. A. also and also something German spoke some months in Germany (just like French and Italian). From 1876 to 1880 it studied at thatHarvard University, whereby particularly natural history fascinated it. 1882 appeared under the title „The Naval were OF 1812 “into the modern time valid book concerning the naval warfare between England and the USA, in which he itsInterest in the armament and meaning of the fleet showed for the first time.

In the same year also the political career Roosevelts began. It could be set up as an independent candidate at the republican party for the Lower House of the State of New York and was selected.It supported substantial reforms , whereby other delegate on him became attentive. 1884 he withdrew however again and remained themselves for two years to its Ranch in North Dakota, over at its book „conquest of theTo work the west “. he stood as a candidate to 1886 for the office of the mayor of New York town center, however was not selected. In the year 1895 he became director/conductor of the New Yorker police authority. With its rigiden alcohol prohibitions on Sundays it makes itself many, However its consistent line maintained enemies. Two years later he came into the cabinet of the president William McKinley than deputy naval Minister. In this position it supported the demand after a war against Spain, which itself the independence efforts of Cubaopposed. To 25. April 1898 began the Spanish-American war and Roosevelt laid down to be office as deputy naval Ministers, in order to create a Kavallerieeinheit, which it managed as a Colonel. With its „Rough Riders “, itself from bold cowboysin addition, from sport riders from the east coast upper layer built, showed he large daring courage and high-level personnel up; the employment on Cuba, where he killed also a Spaniard, it brought in the call of a war hero for it. he stood as a candidate to 1899 for the office of the governor of theState New York and won this choice. As a governor it began for reforms of the conditions of work in the enterprises and improved the supplying and traffic system.


in the year 1900 became Theodore Roosevelt as Running Mate of William McKinley vice-presidentthe United States. As the president to 6. Septembers 1901 by the Anarchisten Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, New York angeschossen became and its Verwundung to 14. September 1901 succumbed became Roosevelt its successor and thus with 42 years to thatyoungest president of the United States.

Roosevelt began already very rapidly to carry out its ideas in the country. Relating to domestic affairs it strengthened the employees and used themselves substantial for monopoly control of the business enterprises (Trusts), against iron-clear-prepared under guidance of J. P.Morgan it let submit even state complaint. Its reforms concerned the administrative structures (z. B. Attempt of the establishment of an independent bureaucracy), the economy as well as the environmental policy. It set above all those against, those at expense of the employees became rich andwent thereby also on confrontation course with most members of his own party. As a first president Roosevelt received a black one (Booker_T. _Washington) to an official meeting in the white house. In its role as a president it was also first, thatitself 1901 into a strike of approx. 150,000 strikers miners in Pennsylvania interfered and for an improvement of the conditions of work, a regulated eight hours' working day as well as better industrial safety conditions used themselves and for a conciliation between employers and the workers in such a way made themselves strong.

Die vier Präsidenten (von links nach rechts): George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt und Abraham Lincoln
Die to vier Präsidenten (Bon links nach rechts):George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln

during its term of office created Roosevelt in addition a set of national park in the USA and is considered thereby as in former times an advocate to the nature protection. In its honours its haven guessing head as one of four presidents into the granite of the Mount Rushmores, South Dakota, gehauen was finally established and it to 1978 the Theodore Roosevelt national park in north Dakota. After North Dakota drove it it alsoas a young man often, the hard life pleased it to the Western Frontier and in particular the extreme nature experiences. Some years long it possessed also a Ranch there, which did not prove however as economically load-carrying. One of its numerous books employsitself with the existence as a cowboy in North Dakota, where it carried out also services as auxiliary Sheriff.

To 6. It put December 1904 in the annual speech before the congress with the Roosevelt Corollary, its additive to the Monroe doctrine, the foundation-stonefor a expansionistischere foreign policy within the western hemisphere, where the United States of its opinion should appear after as Polizeigewalt. This was a reaction on the fact that several European powers had begun to exert military pressure on Latin American states which owed them money.Thus z became. B. the German Reich by structure of a strong American threatening window blind deterred from a military employment against Venezuela, where one wanted to keep oneself without loss due to being missing payments of debts.

With the penetration of the route of the Panama channel by Panama against inthe USA preferred route by Nicaragua, the purchase of the failed Panama canal company of France (up to then most expensive country Deal of history) and the more or less open support of the panamesischen movement of independence against the colonial power Colombia it strengthened at the same time the military and economicalPossibilities of its country in the Atlantic and Pacific area.

In the year 1905 it succeeded to induce negotiators of powers Russia war-leading in Manchuria and Japan to peace negotiations in the US east coast bathing resort Portsmouth. The negotiations several times standing before the failure led in particular due toits diplomatic fate in the long run to a peace treaty between Russia and Japan in the Russian-Japanese war. 1906 received Roosevelt in acknowledgment of its contribution for the completion of this war the Nobel peace prize as first Americans. 1906 it intervened in the first Morocco crisis and showedalso there clearly, as he saw the future role of the USA in the world.

Until 1909 the internal controversy of the republican party between progressive endorsing of its politics and conservative voices of the party was intensified. Roosevelt did 1909 without thirdOffice period and believed in its later successor William Howard taffeta (which it had gotten some years before in the cabinet) a worthy successor to have found.

Political working after the presidency

after its decision against a further presidency candidacy pulled itselfRoosevelt for some years into its private life back and undertook and. A. an expanded large game hunt to Africa, over which it wrote also book. Since it was content with the policy of its successor taffeta however not, it stood as a candidate 1912as an independent candidate for a third term of office (bulletin moose). The allocation of the republican voices on two candidates, taken place via it, made Woodrow possible Wilson its first choice victory. Except Roosevelt only its related Franklin D stood as a candidate. Roosevelt for more than twoOffice periods.1947 became by 22. Amendment the term of office of the president on two electoral periods limits. Theodore Roosevelt endorsed already after beginning of the 1. World war and its escalation a participation of the USA in the war. it tuned 1918 for an intervention inRussia as reaction to the October Revolution. Although the Progresive party created by it had brought in a high voice portion popular of the Vote, recognized Roosevelt that it due to the only very few public offices, which this party could achieve (primarily inCalifornia would be hardly possible, to establish it durably. It turned then also later into the republican one part-hurries back. With an expedition into the Amazon jungle, while also the river was discovered, which was designated after it “Rio Roosevelt”,he suffered heavily from tropical diseases and beihnahe in Brazil would have died. Back in the USA, he was not due to its state of health any more able to intervene with old energy in the policy. + after its decision against a furtherPresidency candidacy withdrew itself Roosevelt for some years into its private life and undertook and. A. an expanded large game hunt to Africa, over which it wrote also book. Since it was content with the policy of its successor taffeta however not,stood as a candidate he 1912 as an independent candidate for a third term of office (bulletin moose). The allocation of the republican voices on two candidates, taken place via it, made Woodrow possible Wilson its first choice victory. Except Roosevelt only its related Franklin D stood as a candidate. Roosevelt formore than two office periods.1947 became by 22. Amendment the term of office of the president on two electoral periods limits. - Except Roosevelt only its related Franklin D stood as a candidate. Roosevelt for more than two office periods. 1947 became by 22. Amendment thoseTerm of office of the president on two electoral periods limits.

The teddy Bear


apart from its political work it coined/shaped the international child rooms also into the today's time: The Teddybär was designated after it: During a several-day-long unsuccessful Jagdtrips in Mississippi,the Roosevelt had planned to shoot a bear could simply none be looked; when then one nevertheless discovered its hunt aid a rather small bear (235 Pounds, somewhat more than 2 hundredweights), bound it these to a tree andRoosevelt released it to the firing. Roosevelt however refused coming in such a manner to a booty and did without the firing (the bar by one its aid with a measurer was then hunted). History moved the fantasy of the caricaturistClifford Berryman from the Washington post office, that the bears in a caricature more approximately and more nicely represented then to 16. November 1902 on the title page the Washington post office appeared with the text „Drawing The LINE in Mississippi “. The readersclosed the bear in the heart and wanted more of it to see. Berryman let the bar in the following caricatures become ever smaller, rounder and nicer and accommodated it in each illustration with the president. Coincidentally had exactly in this winterthe companiesSteiff in Giengen begun with the production of small bears with mobile joints and a button in the ear, of those the New Yorker company F.A.O. Black 3,000 pieces ordered. Thus the world-wide triumphant advance of the Bears began teddy.

World-descriptiveand Religöses

Roosevelt was Freimaurer and its over 150.000 letters contained also freimaurerische correspondence. [1]

„something that with the free bricklaying that I the chance to become Freimaurer gladly seized, is the fact appeared so attractive that is carried out here,which a government often only praised to treat i.e. each humans according to its earnings/services as humans. “

- Theodore Roosevelt: Speech on the occasion of 150. Anniversary of the master degree of George Washington (1902)

the Grossloge new Yorks it last at the 11. May1917 an attendance off.

It belonged the Dutch Lutheran Church, felt however rather the Episkopalkirche connected. It is reported that it knew and along-sang many church songs strong with its attendance by heart.


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