the word Theosophie originates from the Greek one and means „Göttliche wisdom “or „wisdom of the Gods “. “Theos” means God and” Sophia “is the wisdom.

Theosophie is a religious world view, which tries by means of philosophy , theology and similar teachings to attain higher truth,in order to arrive at a highest ethics and a completion of the Seins. There are Theosophi teachings since the antique one, and these are partly connected with Askese , Mystik , Astrologie , Esoterik and Okkultismus.

Elements of the Theosophie e.g. are. also in the Gnosis, in the Neuplatonismus, in the Kabbala, with the rose cruisers, the Katharern, with Paracelsus, with Hildegard of being gene and particularly in Russian religion philosophy (Solowjew, Berdjajew, S.N. Bulgakow)

Theosophie raises the requirement that its theories on thatmental, mental and physical basic principles and impacts of nature are based. In accordance with the foundress they result to the Theosophi society, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, from the realizations and experiences of the large ways of the Menschengeschlechts, those mankind in their evolution already far preceded and the mentalInheritance of mankind deliver. They consider and cover the three large thinking directions of humans: Science, philosophy and religion.

Theosophie, in its modern form, was unfolded as a coherent system by the writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and later from Professor. Dr. Gottfried de Purucker furtherdescribed and deepened. Together with Henry Steel Olcott, William Quan Judge and other one created H. P. Blavatsky 1875 the Theosophi society in New York, the USA.

Table of contents

bases of theosophischen philosophy

the fundamental principles of the Theosophie

into “the secret teachings”h places. P. Blavatsky of three fundamental sentences up, on which the Theosophie is based (Bd. I, S. 42-46, 1. Edition 1999, Hanover). It postulates:

  1. A pervasive, eternal, boundless and constant PRINCIPLE, over which no speculation is possible, there it Kraft of human conception exceeds andby any human mode of expression or comparisons to be only degraded could.
  2. The eternity of the universe altogether as a boundless sphere, those periodically the playground is from countless incessant appearing and infinitesimal university verses `, the so-called, manifesting stars `and, the sparks of the eternity `.
  3. The fundamental identityall souls with the universal upper soul, what latter even an aspect of the unknown root is; and the obligation for each soul - a spark of the aforementioned -, the cycle of Inkarnation, or, necessity `, in agreement with cyclic and karmischem law during its whole duration toowander through.Cosmology and anthropology are based on fundamental principles both of physical and metaphysical nature. In initial and endless universe is related all existing, each natureness, in its fundamental Essenz to cosmic consciousness and by it in all its parts is animated andinspired. Thus all organisms are connected as unsolvable universal brother shank.

humans are a compound natureness

the physical vehicle: The physical body, by which the human soul in the physical world notices itself moved, these and participates in it.But real humans are not the physical body.

The branch ral body: is the model body for the physical body and supplies so its sample, after the physical body is developed. Phenomena such as phantom pain can be explained by the branch ral body alternatively as the scientific school medicine.

Prana -Vitality: Jiva is present in the entire universe under the Sanskrit designation. If it works in humans, as the vitality, it is called Prana. Each natureness comes with a certain supply of vitality to the world. This is used in the course of the life and goes then intothe large reservoir back. Because - like already physics says: Energy is imperishable. It changes its condition, but it cannot be used up.

Kama - desires: The Sanskritwort „Kama “means desire. It is together with the will forward-driving Kraft in thathuman constitution. By nature Kama is first colorless, neither well nor badly, except in the measure, how it is used by the human will in the daily life. For Kama in the context with will the symbol is often used by horse and rider, inthe sense that the rider, as symbol for the will, must adjust the horse, the wild-become desires, and the direction gives.

Manas - thinking: Thinking is the stage, which is the most important for humans as philosophers, since he has his main evolution in the Manas.What would still remain of humans without its mental activity? Manas is binary the seat of the human soul and in itself, either more by low desires or higher desires affected.

Buddhi - distinctiveness: The distinctiveness is still imperfectly developed in humans. It strikesas intuition in the human soul down and inspires itself humans to more altruistischen acts. Over Buddhi the human soul is connected with the internal Göttlichkeit, the internal mental core. Mrs. Blavatsky called “Buddhi” the rescue anchor for the human soul.

Atman: In connectionwith Buddhi the internal Göttlichkeit of humans.


the theory of the Wiedergeburt of the human soul in human bodies. The cyclic Wiedergeburt of the soul, in order to develop evolution-moderately further and to process thereby past Karma (in past lives put causes). By the lawfrom Karma each natureness, each individual, again and again there, will return where its karmischen Saaten put in an earlier life at the development to arrive to be able. It is again confronted inevitably with its own karmischen impulses. Karma in connection with the Reinkarnation is thus the science ofthe absolute justice and harmony. Karma also the twin teachings to the Reinkarnation mentioned, because the other one causes. By putting karmischer causes humans must inkarnieren again, in order to adjust these.


the science of a “cause and effect” and the twin teachings that“Reinkarnation”. Each action causes one it appropriate effect. This returns to her starting point, the causing person. Usually this as “negatively” or “positively”, is however in the long run only the characteristic lying in the original action, those is experienced of humans accordingly feltbecomes. Since everything interlinks in nature connected and mutually, also different persons and natures are affected by the acts of a particular. This causes demenstprechende reactions. If thistles are sown, roses cannot be harvested. Thus a deep lies in the law of KarmaEthics. Karma is not fatalism, since humans always possess a free will.

universal brother shank

Theosophie understands by universal brother shank more than a purely political or social connection, but regards universal brother shank than a fact in nature, upthe structure and the structure of nature is based. Universal brother shank is a mirror-image-ritual or mental unit, which is based on the fact that all naturenesses has into the Essenz its life root in cosmic consciousness. Thus all natures are related with one another by internal gang, and from this it results that those Co-operation and „with one another “in nature a substantially stronger and more natural component in the evolution is, than the so-called „surviving of the stronger one “. In the universal brother shank lies also the foundation for human ethics. The acknowledgment „the universal brother shank “is the only condition for thoseMembership in the Theosophi society.


evolution in the sense of the Theosophie means, Auswickeln, that, unfolding, landing run of hidden forces and abilities, which are innate the natureness concerned and you are inherent in - their own essenziellen and characteristic characteristics, or generally expressed, thoseForces and abilities of their own character.

Humans (as all natures actually evolvierenden themselves) contain everything in itself, which the cosmos contains, since it is an inseparable part of it and its child. One cannot separate humans from the universe. Everything that the universecontains, is contained, latent or actively in it; and evolution is bringing its out that on the inside is.

historical to the Theosophie

Theosophie, as universal effort around the understanding of the Göttlichen, the underlying plan of the evolution, is in all old cultures toofind. After the understanding of the Theosophen she was found into continuous chain in India; in addition, in the old Greece, like the writings of Plato (427-347 v. Chr.), Plotin and other Neuplatoniker showed, up to Jakob Böhme (1575-1624).

Some relevant quotations:

are imprisonedwe in the body, like an oyster in their bowl., Sokrates with Plato, “Phaedrus
for the philosopher is the body a disturbing element and prevents the soul from the acquisition of the realization…,
Which is cleaning, if not… the release of the soul of thatChain the body?, Sokrates, with Plato: “Phaidon

the today's Theosophie, which understands itself also as „the wisdom of the ages “, begins to 17. November 1875 in New York, the USA, with the establishment of the Theosophi society (TG) by Helena Petrowna Blavatsky, Henry S. Olcott,Willam Q. Judge and other one. From its self requirement it is part of a universal, mental, intellectual and ethical movement, which was active to all ages. Basis of this movement is „the universal brother shank “. 1879 came it to the first establishment of a TG into Germany, the “Loge Isis”in Hamburg, 1884 followed the Loge Germania.

The goals of the original theosophischen society read:

1. Brother shank among humans, without distinction of race, color, religion or social position;
2. Study of the old world religions with the goal of comparing it and from them universal ethicsto pick out;
3. Study and development of the latent göttlichen forces in humans.

To death Blavatskys 1891, came it within the TG to the controversy over the teachings and follow-moderately over the follow-up shank of Mrs. Blavatsky. It split thereby 1895 into two large directions, on the one hand thoseso-called “Adyar TG” under the guidance Olcotts and on the other hand the” Theosophi society in America “(TGinA) under Judge. The Adyar direction has its head office in WAD-races, India, where she played a not insignificant role in the Indian society for long time. The TGinAif Loma, California pulled from New York to POINT, thereupon “TG-POINT Loma” ganannt, later after Covina, therefore “TG-Covina” and finally after Pasadena, where still it today (2005) is and admits under TG-Pasadena is. In POINT Loma developed for at the beginning 20.Century under the direction of Katherine Tingley, the successor of W. Q. Judge, and later also Professor. Dr. Gottfried of Purucker, the theosophische Community Lomaland with a theosophischen university, at which among other things Sanskrit was taught.

Both of the TGinA, andthe “Adyar TG” numerous Logen split themselves off and created own, partially competitive organizations in the following years and decades. This led to a confusing number of different Theosophi societies, which maintain however all of itself, “protects” and “genuine” Theosophie to represent. In Germanystill one of Franz Hartmann affected TG is to be called, after its founder “Hartmannianer” mentioned. From the German section of the Theosophi society belonging to the Adyar TG 1912 the Anthroposophi society followed under Rudolf Steiner. The reasons for this splitting off were above all the turn thatAdyar TG to the Hinduismus under the new president Annie Besant since 1907 and particularly the admiration Jiddu Krishnamurtis as again-born Christ and coming world teacher, those with its discovery by Charles W. Leadbeater in the year 1909 began.

Beside the mentioned are numerous other religious reformerische and esoterische organizationsfollowed from the Theosophie or influences from it took up. In the German context importantly the Ariosophie of the Guido of cunning, that for example the Theosophi society in Vienna anhing , is as one under many ideological sources of the national socialism. Guido of List's teachings are howeverin many substantial principles clearly differently of the theosophischen teachings and can be regarded as abuse of the Theosophie.

Theosophie and Islam

The development of the European Theosophie was coined/shaped partly also by the contact with the Islamic Mystik, the Sufismus. The Islamic word for Mystik “Tassawuf”also as a arabisierte form of the Greek “Theosophie” one explains. Important ones Islamic Theosophen are Suhrawardi (gest. 1191), Nagmuddin Kubra (gest. 1210) or Ibn Arabi (1165-1240).

Ariosophie and Theosophie

Guido of cunning reached into his Ariosophie contents of the Theosophie like the root race theory,as racistic and doubtful to be interpreted, up and connected they can with the völkischen rune teachings. Guido of Lists theories, although partly of the Theosophie affects, differ in many points clearly from those the Theosophie. The GUI DO of cunning ruse became of the Theosophi society Vienna however supports [1]. Guido of List's teachings are however in many substantial principles different from the theosophischen teachings.


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