Theresiani military academy

Burg von Wiener Neustadt
castle of Viennese new city

the Theresiani military academy (also admits as MilAk) is the Ausbildungstätte of the officers of the Austrian federal army. It is in the castle in Viennese new city (Lower Austria).


the Theresiani military academy became under Maria Theresia to 14. December 1751 with the order “Mach' it me efficient Officirs and honest men outer” at the first commanders field marshal Leopold Josef count Daun based and is thus the oldest military academy of the world. As characteristic it can be mentioned that here per year ever 100noble and 100 civil were taken up. The officers in Austria Hungary were already trained until here 1918. The designation military academy carries it since the combination with the Pflanzschule for cadets in the year 1769. The training period amounted to at that time eleven years and became gradual on three yearsshortened.

The famous steirische prince Erzherzog Johann was 44 years (from 1805 to 1849) upper director the Theresiani military academy.

In the first republic the training until 1934 in Enns and afterwards again in Viennese new city was accomplished.

After the establishment of the federal army in the year 1955the military academy was again accommodated until 1958 in Enns, where it moved afterwards again into the castle from Viennese new city, after the damages by the 2. WK were repaired.

the MilAk today

Ehrentafel im Speisesaal der MilAk
Honour board in the Speisesaal of the MilAk
the current commander is a major generalNorbert sense.

Since 1997 are the military academy also a professional school and can also by civilians be visited. In the conclusion class 2003 the first 4 women lock the training at the military academy positively. Altogether 3576 officers at the Theresiani military academy were trained since reopening 1959.

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Theresiani military academy


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