Thomas Billhardt

Thomas Billhardt (* 2. May 1937 in Chemnitz) is a German photographer and journalist.


Billhardt was trained 1951 to 1954 as the photographer with his nut/mother Maria forge Billhardt and studied until 1957 at the technical school for applied art in Magdeburg. As a work photographer in the brown coal open mining and the briquette factory Grosskayna 1957 - 58 it qualified to the photo master and was to 1959 publishing house photographer with the postcard publishing house picture and homeland in realm brook in the Vogtland. 1959 to 1963 it completed a study at the university for diagram and book art (HGB) in Leipzig with conclusion as a diploma photo commercial artist.

1962 it became member in the federation of German journalists and worked 1963 to 1971 as a free lance photographer. it joined 1968 the SED . 1972 to 1981 he was working group leader at the German advertising agency (Dewag) Berlin and 1982 to 1989 directors/conductors of the Studios Billhardt with the publishing house for agitation and opinion means.

Since 1989 Billhardt member of the German journalists' federation is and since 1990 to 2001 was it member of the German society for photography. Since 1990 member of the federation of free lance photo designers registered association.

Billhardt received the art price of the GDR, 1987 the national price of the GDR to 1969. It had numerous international photo exhibitions, among other things the UNICEF - Exhibition of “children of the world” in New York 1989.

Billhardt sees itself rather as artistic as a political photographer. Its archives until 1999 are in the possession of Camera Work.

Thomas Billhardt lives in Italy and in Berlin.


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