Thomas's Ernst

Thomas Ernst (* 23. December 1967 in Wiesbaden) is a German football player.

Its profile on course began 1987 with unity Frankfurt, where it long years of the 2. Man between the posts was, among other things behind Uli stone. Only after the Rauswurf of Uli stone 1994, was allowed to deny Ernst into the Saision 1993/94 four plays successively for unity Frankfurt. After the ascent second Frankfurt association FSV Frankfurt 1994 Ernst played one season in the 2. Federal league, in order to then change to the descent of the FSVs to the VfL Bochum, where it was again the number 2 behind Uwe Gospodarek. Only in the season 1998 /99 it could play nearly one season as Stammkeeper. In the year 2000 it went to 2003 that for three years as a second Torwart behind Timo Hildebrand to the VfB Stuttgart, around itself then 1. To attach fiber plastic Kaiserslautern. There it was likewise reserve-gate-waited, until mastergate-wait yourself 2004 Tim meadow a cross torn-tape condition tightened and it was located then the remaining plays in the gate to that louder ones and worked satisfactorily than strong conclusion man. In the season 2005/2006 it was surprisingly at the beginning again the number 2 behind Jürgen Macho, fought for the master place however at the 11. Play day again, before it it to 14. Play day because of an injury Jürgen Macho to deliver had.


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