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Thomas Gottschalk auf der Festung Ehrenbreitstein
Thomas Gottschalk on the fortress honour broad stone

Thomas Gottschalk (* 18. May 1950 in Bamberg) is a German broadcast moderator, moderator, an entertainer and an actor.

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Youth and training

Thomas Gottschalk were born as a son of the attorney Hans Gottschalk in Bamberg. The family had fled from Upper Silesia and became established in the Frankish Kulmbach. Gottschalk was Ministrant in the Kulmbacher city parish church „to our love woman “. Its father1964 died. Gottschalk made its Abitur at the human Markgraf George Friedrich High School in Kulmbach for 1971. Besides job component end it as DJ in a Kulmbacher dance restaurant. A scholarship of the German bishop conference made it possible for it, Germanistik and history on reason and main school teaching profession in Munichto study. There it joined the catholic student connection Tuiskonia. Gottschalk member was later in the Federal Administration of the Cartellverbands. It led that press paper of the largest European university graduate federation.

early radio career

starting from 1971 he worked as free coworkers for thatYouth radio with the Bavarian broadcast (Bavaria 3). 1973 he became then speaker evening-looks - messages. it received and increased 1976 after a short excursion to the resident of Munich Merkur a fixed employment with the BR its popularity as moderator of the radio ending Pop aftereight (on Bavaria 3) and later with Thommys Radioshow, together with Günther Jauch. Beginning of the 80's got it to franc Elstner to the German radio broadcasting program of radio Luxembourg, where it and others as „Mister Morning “on transmission went and alsothe legendary „RTL Hitparade “moderated.

early television career

1976 created Gottschalk the break-through on the television with the music tie-clip transmission scene, which was called late Pop stop. It possessed above all joke because of the clown Anthony Powell, that with its pantomimischen Slapstickeinlagenthe transmission rounded off. In the same year Gottschalk married its youth friend Thea. From this relationship son novel followed. Later the Gottschalks adopted the second son Tristan.

1977 moderated Gottschalk the call ending of Telespiele, those first in the television program of the Bavarian broadcastand then in the pool of broadcasting corporations one sent. In April 1980 the formation GLS United, consisting of Thomas Gottschalk, reached franc running mountain and Manfred Sexauer with the RAP - Song Rapper's German place 49 of the German hit parade.

From 1982 to1987 moderated Gottschalk in the Second Channel of German Television the transmission well sowas, for which he received 1985 the golden camera. This transmission brought it the large fame and the country wide popularity, which continue until today. Gottschalks spontaneous discussion guidance and its - forconditions at that time - clothes (Jeans and Micky mouse T Shirt loosen; Shorts and Schlappen; Shirt and suspenders without jacket) inspired a million-public.

starting from 1982 Thomas Gottschalk

turned films as well as Mike Krüger together with Mike Krüger the likewise successful maintenance films Piratensender Powerplay, the supernoses, two noses refuel super (an allusion on the long noses of the two actors) and the a risers. The films followed „Mamma Mia “, „tender Chaoten “, „tender Chaoten 2 “, „a woman named Harry “, „Trabbi of goeston of Hollywood “, “Vicky Benzino” and „Late Night “.

bets that.?

To 26. September 1987 took over Gottschalk of franc Elstner the transmission bets that.?. With exception of a short interruption of 26. September 1992 up to 27. November 1993,when Wolfgang Lippert led by the transmission, it moderates the transmission until today continuous.

The transmission is to today one the most successful in the German television, is considered as the most successful in Europe and is one the last remaining Samstagsabendshows. So could the transmission of the 1. April 2006 altogether 13.48 million spectator win, which corresponds to a market share of 39,4%. As Gottschalks brand names in the guidance of the transmission are considered above all its loose and sometimes impudent kind as well as its daring and alsonotorious Outfits.

activity with the private television

starting from 1990 worked Gottschalk also for the private station RTL. There it presented a Personality show, which was called “Gottschalk” simple until 1992. Of 28. September 1992 up to 27. April 1995 moderated Gottschalkits own Late Night show, Gottschalk Late Night. Although it is not very successfully considered as, it put thereby the foundation-stone for other transmissions like the Harald Schmidt show, TV totally and to Johannes B. Core he show and created by far higher ratingsesas the aforementioned following formats.

Following its activity with RTL it also some years for the private station SAT.1 was active. Its largest project was the Gottschalks house party transmission mentioned there, it in the years 1995 and 1996on over 50 consequences brought and to today one of the most successful shows of this transmitter remained. The last transmission brought it on 6.5 million spectator. Further the transmission Gottschalk ran comes from 1996 to 1999 in the Saturday afternoon.

Work on []

Removal to California

around its children to make possible to grow up unimpaired from Medientrubel pulled Gottschalk at the beginning of the 1990er-Jahre after Malibu in California. This is today its Zweitwohnsitz, where he withdraws himself particularly in the summer breaks.

Return to the Second Channel of German Television

after the end of the activity with SAT.1 returned Gottschalk again completely to the Second Channel of German Television. Its principal activity concentrates since that time on “bets that.? ”, but he moderates there also different other transmissions in irregular distances.

Among other things it presentssince 2001 once a year the Spendengala a heart for children, with which for the action of the same name money is collected. The fifth and last transmission ran to 17. December 2005 and brought in 8 million euro donations.

In the summer2005 it moderated the transmission Gottschalk & Friends, with which that invited now 55-jährige also as review on his own past life prominent guests and private friends. Each transmission stood under a certain slogan. The last one of the eight consequencesran to 9. July 2005.

To 28. August 2005 he was then host of the transmission the Cleversten - which large three-land checks, with which teams from the three German-language countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland begin against each other.

Other projects

in the commercial television he celebrated his beginning 1987 with McDonald's. He experienced the break-through as a Spot star with Haribo. Furthermore it recruits Christoph Gottschalk together with its brother for the German post office AG. The activities by ThomasGottschalk are bundled in its production companies „bread and plays “and „Dolce Media “.


Thomas Gottschalk was established as schillernde shape in the German medium landscape and belonged in the German-speaking countries to the most well-known persons. It has thatTelevision and its style along, Harald Schmidt said about it: “Thomas Gottschalk invented the impudent its on the television”. It polarized thereby however also and is disputed.

Thus it acquired itself the call that it probably bets that…to moderate can, but otherwise actually no good Showmaster is. Also that the Second Channel of German Television used it in the last years frequently for nostalgia shows is criticized and it thereby indirectly to the specialist for Pop and skirt music of the last 40 years makes.

For exampleFrankfurter Rundschau to its transmission Gottschalk & Friends wrote:

“It would have been the test ending of a beginner, one it afterwards probably politely toward exit would have komplimentiert. Because there is nothing worse for a moderator, than before current cameraby a guest to be asked whether he at all listen. “

Against it wrote for same transmission the following:

“Which was to be expected - and even Thomas Gottschalk in advance knew: Directly after the transmission it hailed criticism. Why this manthe best moderator of Germany is, asked “Schreiberlinge” in more or less levelful reports. Rather the impression remained that those journalists in-struck only gladly on Gottschalk, in order to form itself. Because the transmission was not really bad. The discussion alsoMike Krüger was maintenance SAM, the Showacts ensured for good mood and in the interview with Robin Gibb became again clear that Gottschalk is a gladly seen host with the large ones of the world. “

Also the three-land check was violently criticized. Thus became besidetechnical errors it criticize that he was only insufficiently prepared for the transmission.

Thus on-line magazine the following writes:

“Also Armin Rohde was not fewer gene FFS, than hosts Gottschalk before end still to it stormed briefly and from time emergency directlywithout transition for awkward self-advertisement for a Second Channel of German Television film with Rohde turned into. This waited then for the otherwise usual short a player, who did not come however. Gottschalk did not even break in then the date, at which the film will run, although Rohdeit seconds before still mentions. If Gottschalk would have listened, he would not have had to ask editors notionless in the Riesenstudio its, when this Second Channel of German Television film runs now. “


1988 gave Thomas Gottschalk its to 3 Bambis from annoying about the reporting in Burda sheets back (Ute Lemper, Klausjürgen Wussow and Katarina joke did it likewise). it took 2001 however in the context of its 4. Honour the Trophäen again inReceipt. Source: Stuttgart newspaper



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