Thomas Gruber

Professor. Dr. Thomas Gruber Photo: BR/Gradicsky

Thomas Gruber (* 5. February 1943 in Eislingen/Fils) is since 2002 director of the Bavarian broadcast and since 2005 pool of broadcasting corporations - a chairman.

Gruber studied economics and social sciences at the technical university Stuttgart and the University of attaining Nuremberg from 1964 to 1969 and made the conclusion as a Diplomkaufmann. From 1970 to 1978 he worked as a scientific assistant on the sociological research center and on the chair for politics and communication science of the University of attaining Nuremberg. it attained a doctorate to 1975 to the Dr. rer. pole. at sociological Institut of the University of attaining Nuremberg. Thesis topic: The assumption of the journalistic occupation role.

From 1978 to 1981 he worked as a medium adviser of the schleswig holsteinischen Prime Minister at that time Gerhard proud mountain in Kiel.

Starting from 1981 he worked as an assistant of the television director at the Bavarian broadcast in Munich.

1984 transferred Gruber the line of the editorship “family” in the Bavarian television and were there among other things responsible for the youth transmission live one from the Alabama.

1986 he became director/conductor of the head department directorship of the Bavarian broadcast. Starting from 1990 it led the BR-Studio Franconia with head office in Nuremberg.

1995 he became BR-radio broadcasting director. Since 2002 Gruber is director with the BREAK.

2003 it was appointed as the fee professor at the petrol Friedrich university Bamberg with the field of activity medium management and culture switching and appointed in the same year as the director/conductor of the department of I „communication and medium science “at the university for television and film in Munich.

Gruber is since that 1. January 2005 pool of broadcasting corporations - chairmen.



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