Thomas Hermanns

Thomas Hermanns (* 1963 in Bochum), grown up in only mountain long water, writes and produces since its 19. Birthday television broadcasts. Its most successful and most well-known show is the rubbish Comedy club, in which it arises since 1992 with different Comedians and which is radiated since 1996 on pro filters. He produced in former times shows and Comedy - programs for other artists, like for example “Zapped” (1998), “bake tons would run” (2000) and “Paranoid” (2004) for Michael Mittermeier and makes this also today still occasionally.

Momentarily one can see live in the rubbish Comedy club in Berlin to Thomas Hermanns and in again the opened Hamburg club (since January 2006) and occasional as a guest with ingenious beside it and other Unterhaltungsshows on the television. Thomas Hermanns is admitting homosexual and for 14 years with his friend together.

It moderated as more well-known “Grand Prix fan” to 9. March 2006 in Hamburg a Gala to 50. Birthday Eurovision of the Song Contest, in itself Texas Lightning for the final to 20. May in Athens qualified.

Its brand names are its unusually broad mouth and grossbezahnter Oberkiefer, which it inherited from its nut/mother.


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