Thomas's Peter McKeefry

Thomas's Peter Kardinal McKeefry (* 3. July 1899 in Greymouth, New Zealand; † 18. November 1973 in Wellington) was archbishop of Wellington.


Thomas Peter McKeefry received its theological and philosophical training in Mosgiel and Rome. It received at the 3. April 1926 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe and worked afterwards as Gemeindeseelsorger and a personal secretary of the bishop von Auckland. Until 1947 it functioned beyond that as journalist and a publisher of the Diözesan newspaper. During the Spanish of civil war he worked as a special correspondent. Pope Pius XII. appointed 1947 the Titularerzbischof of Dercos and Koadjutor - archbishop for the ore diocese Wellington. The Bischofsweihe received Thomas's Peter McKeefry by the archbishop from Sydney, Norman Thomas cardinal Gilroy. It became 1954 archbishop of Wellington and participated in the years 1962 to 1965 at the second Vatikani council . Pope Paul VI. took it to 28. April 1969 as cardinal priests with the title church Immacolata aluminium Tiburtino into the Kardinalskollegium up. Thomas's Peter McKeefry died to 18. November 1973 in Wellington and was bestattet in the there cathedral.


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