Thomas Piper

Thomas „Tommi “Piper (* 19. March 1941 in Hamburg) is a German actor and synchronous speaker.

As a son of the actor and television announcer Heinz Piper Thomas Piper already participated 1952 in radio plays of the NWDR and stood three years later the first time before the camera. From 1959 to 1961 it studied Gebrauchsgrafik, remained thereafter however further with the looking plaything.

Thomas Piper played in the film two like we… and parents know from nothing (1966) and in three consequences of the commissioner. It had commitments at the national stage Hanover and the urban stages Luebeck and arose during a tour by France in Paris, Lyon and Marseille. After it had established itself in Munich, various guest appearances in the crime film series Derrick and the old person as well as main roles in the films Is' followed which, chancellor (1984) and rise from your ballon (1985). Altogether Piper in more than 150 film and television productions played.

Also in the Synchronstudio it is active, one of its first synchronous roles was those of the Little Joe (Michael Landon) in the Westernserie Bonanza. Further actors, to who Piper borrowed its friction iron voice, were among other things Nod Nolte (only 48 hours), Harvey Fierstein (Independence Day) and Tony Danza (who is here the Boss?). The role, which admits it country widely made, was the German voice of Alf, the cat-corrosive extraterrestial one.

In the year 1998 he transferred the synchronisation of the Manny Calavera in the Lucas kind PC play Grim Fandango.

If it does not stand on the stage, before the camera or in the Synchronstudio, Thomas Piper is active as musicians (banjo, Ukulele and singing).

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