Thorner blood court

the Thorner blood court designates the execution of the mayor and several citizens of the city Thorn by the Polish government to 7. December 1724.

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the prehistory

Thorn had attained and was essentially Protestant 1558 the freedom of religion. In the course of the Gegenreformation however Jesuiten came into the city and opened a school. Between their pupils and Protestant high school students gave it repeats Reibereien. On the occasion of the Fronleichnamsprozession to 16. July 1724 one stormed and one devastated by Protestanten the Jesuiten monastery.

the events

the Polish government of of the Protestant Konvertiten August of the strong one, from the house of the Wettiner, left thereupon the mayor Roesner as well as nine further citizens - after they the Bekehrung had rejected and escape possibilities had not used - to execute and, after Jesuiten and Benediktinerinnen had taken two of the three town churches already before in possession, publication also the last Protestant church , ordered the Marienkirche, to the Franziskaner. Still on day of the execution into the Marienkirche the first fair catholic after the reformation festively one celebrated. Besides the advice of the city had to be occupied with catholics in the future by the majority.

European-wide attention

excited and found the aftereffects the execution their precipitation in over 165 flight writings and hundreds of newspaper articles. Prussia tried to instrumentalisieren the religion relatives minority in Poland for a connection of the areas concerned. England sent a special envoy at the German Reichstag and Warsaw yard. The events in Thorn impaired the picture of Poland in Europe substantially. Still with the later division of Poland Voltaire under reference to the events of 1724 the religious intolerance that prangerte Poland on and praised the Russian army than “Trägerin of the civilization of Poland”.


except in numerous scientific contributions was also literarily treated the Thorner blood court, and. A. of:

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