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Thornton Niven of savages (* 17. April 1897 in Madison, Wisconsin; † 7. December 1975 in Hamden, Connecticut) was an US-American writer.

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savages was born 1897 in Madison in the American Federal State Wisconsin. He was the son of an US-American diplomat and spent therefore a part of his childhood in China. It began to write plays, as it pupilsto the Thacher School it was where he fit not quite, so that he became of its schoolmates as over-intellectually going to ELT. One of its school fellows said later about it: „We left it alone, completely simply alone. And it withdrew itself then into the library, its place of refugeand learned to keep itself away from humiliating and Indifferenz. “

After it had served 1920 during the First World War at the American coast guard, received it from the Yale University the B.A. Six years after its first narration The Cabala was published. Commercially successfully and far away admits becameSavage 1927 with the novel The Bridge OF San Luis Rey, which it besides 1928 the first Pulitzer price brought in. Between 1930 and 1937 he taught at the University OF Chicago.

Its second Pulitzer price savage received 1938 for the piece of Our Town, to onelater filmed and to today gladly played Dreiakter, which plays in the fictitious town Grover' s Corner in New Hampshire. Our Town is the most well-known example of Wilders special dramatic technology, those with a storyteller, who „play leader so mentioned “works, that to a certain extent the role of theantique choir takes over, and by minimum equipment of the stage the universality of human experiences to underline tries.

Savage brought in the third Pulitzer price his piece of The Skin OF Our Teeth . It was uraufgeführt 1943 with Frederic March and Tallulah Bankhead in the main roles. The topicscorrespond to those of many other works Wilders: War, epidemics, economic depression and fire as existenzielle experiences of humans. As the borders are ignored by time and space, four characters and three document are sufficient, in order to roll the history up of mankind.

Savage was never married. Although itit made never, is considered it public as safe that its close friend Samuel M. Steward at the same time its loving was. Altogether savage wrote numerous one-act plays as well as a multiplicity of smaller works to sieved narrations , three larger plays, such as essays, „three-minute plays “and scientific articles; it received the peace price to 1957the German book trade. Its last narration, Theophilus North, appeared 1973. Savage died to 7. December 1975 in Hamden (Connecticut). There it is buried on the Mount Carmel Cemetery.


after the English original titles with feature year are in each case (partlyclearly deviating) title of the German translations, so far available mentioned.


  • The Cabala (1926, „the Kabala “, dt. 1929)
  • The Bridge OF San Luis Rey (1927, „the bridge of San Luis Rey “, dt. 1929)
  • The Woman OF Andros (1930, „the woman from Andros “, dt.1931)
  • Heaven' s My Destination (1935, „the sky am I auserkoren “, dt. 1951)
  • The Ides OF March (1948, „the Iden March “, dt. 1949)
  • The Eighth Day (1967, „the respected creation day “, dt. 1968)
  • Theophilus North (1973, „Theophilus North or a holy against will “, dt. 1974)


  • The Trumpet sound sound (1926)
  • at fishing rod That Troubled Waters and OTHER Plays (1928)
  • The Long Christmas Dinner and OTHER Plays in One act (1931, „queens of France “). This collection covers the following one-act plays:
    • The Long Christmas Dinner
    • Queens OF France
    • Pullman CarHiawatha
    • Love and How ton of Cure It
    • look for Things Happen Only in Books
    • The Happy Journey ton of Trenton and Camden
  • Our town (1938, „our small city “)
  • The Merchant OF Yonkers (1938)
  • The Skin OF Our Teeth (1943, „we again got off “)
  • The Matchmaker (1954)
  • Childhood (1960)
  • Infancy (1960)
  • Plays for Bleeker Street (1962)
  • The Alcestiad, or, A would run into the Sun (1955, „Alkestiade “)
  • Three minute plays for three person (19?? , „three-minute plays for three persons “)

the history of the comedy The Merchant OF Yonkers is complicated (1938): it is basedon Johann Nestroys comedy it wants to make a Jux (1842), revised of savages 1954 strongly as The Matchmaker again-published itself, which served Hello Dolly again as collecting main for the musical.



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