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The thriller (English: ton thrill = “through showers”) is both a novel - and a film - category. The Plot thrillers of an s floated of the adversary, thatthe moral, mental or physical destruction of a weak main figure (the anti-hero) intends. Only in all-last minute this succeeds in saving itself. A Urbild of the thriller is the “virgin in emergency” (damsel in distress).

Often it concerns a crime film,in that the investigator is on life and limb threatened. If the adversary is an inside or if it stretches destructive inclinations of the anti-hero for itself (interior fight), it concerns a Psychothriller. In contrast to the horror film the adversary of the thriller does not have anything supernatural(is subject to the laws of nature).

Well-known representatives of the category are Alfred Hitchcock (with films such as Psycho) as well as Patricia Highsmith and Eric Ambler, which is also generally considered as an inventor of the thriller.


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