Thure of Uexküll

Thure of Uexküll (* 15. March 1908 in Heidelberg; † 29. September 2004 in Freiburg in mash gau), son Jakob Johann of Uexkülls, was a physician and joint founder of the psychosomatischen medicine.

1935 it began its medical career at the citizens of Berlin Charité. After its Habilitation 1948 it was active as a private lecturer at the medical health center of the University of Munich. Already in these years it published its legendary standard work to the psychosomatischen medicine, to which also in its current edition today still this status comes.

According to statements of a former colleague in the professor shank could not it however on the conservative medical faculty the necessary research and conviction work out for its again-developing field of activity carry. Thereupon it changed 1955 as full professor and a director/conductor of the medical health center to the again created reform university pouring.

After its appointment to the reform university Ulm on the chair for internal medicine and Psychosomatik in the year 1966 he made himself there to a reform of the medicine study, e.g. by the integration of subjects such as psychology or sociology into the present left traces. Thure of Uexküll was member that internationally Academy OF Science.

1976 were emeritiert Uexküll, remained however for its field of activity faithful, pursued the current research and cared for further also still own projects. As a recognized specialist he was consulted also further regularly of colleagues.


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