of animals
sea anemones (Actiniaria)
Classification: Organism
domain: Eukaryoten (Eucaryota)
realm: Animals
scientific name
Linnaeus, 1758

scientific form the animals a realm of the domain of the Eukaryoten. The animal realm is invarious sub-groups subdivided, among them also the trunks, which also Phyla are called. The natural science of the animals is the Zoologie.

Animals are organisms, which do not win their energy by photosynthesis, but itself from other animal or vegetable Organisms nourish and oxygen for the respiration need. Most animals are movable and with sensory organs equipped.

Scientifically seen also humans are to be regarded as an animal. Behavior biology showed that more highly developed animals itself more complicated behavior patterns and certain plotting systems serve (animal language). Also to abstract thinking some animal species show up at least in beginnings able beside humans. Except humans however no animal species are well-known, which are able to bring highly developed cultures out. In most languagesusual distinction between humans and animal is however not durable scientifically seen. For the relationship of humans to other animals („people animal relationship “) see also philosophical anthropology.

Usually the animals are equated today with the Vielzellern. However also a whole becomes traditionalGroup of single-celled organisms, the Protozoa to the animals counted. This cannot be justified biologically however no more. The group most closely related to the actual Vielzellern are the Kragengeisseltierchen (Choanoflagellata). They are also ranked in this systematics among the animals.The evolutionary group of sisters of the animals are then interestingly enough the mushrooms, which were counted traditionally to the plants. Animals (in this definition) and mushrooms together are called also Opisthokonthen.

animals and humans

of animals become ofHumans since earliest times dear, fights and also as using or domestic animals held.

Humans differentiate depending upon the mutual relationship:

holy animals can alive Manifestationen of animal Gods its, which were often admired for example in the old person Egypt. In the process of ritual actions animal can serve also as victims.

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