TIC-guessed/advised, تكريت, (also TACguessed/advised mentioned), an Iraqi city at the river Tigris with approximately 100,000 inhabitants is about 175 km north of Baghdad with almost exclusively Sunni population. Capital of the province Salah ad-DIN is TIC-guessed/advised.

It is in the west particularly asPlace of birth of Saddam Hussein and Hauptsitz its families klans admits become (therefore by Saddam Hussein particularly well one developed), as well as in most recent time as center of the resistance against the US-American occupation of the Iraq.

TIC-guessed/advised is also an important city for the Muslim world: Herebecame in 12. Century Sultan Saladin born. In the Lessing - drama “Nathan of the way” perpetuated Kurd stated in the Middle Ages the Islamic troops with large success against the Christian Kreuzritter. 1187 it conquered Jerusalem.

Also for the eastern Christians TIC-guessed/advised an important role played.Into the time Saladins inside were predominant the inhabitants of this commercial metropolis Christians. In the Middle Ages TIC-guessed/advised the seat of the Maphrians, the struggle second Metropoliten of the Syrian-orthodox church was immediately after the Patriarchen.
Coordinates: 34° 35 ′ 41 " n. Break, 43° 40 ′ 53 " o. L.


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